'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Whose idea was this anyway?????

It was mine! I must be mad, trying to sort out clothes, defrost fridge, freezer and walk round chaos that only moving can produces, at this time of year.... but that's me. Barmy!!!!******
The removers come tomorrow and that will be that, I then have to clean the house (ugh), leaving it sparkling and shiny, mop floors, hoover, dust etc, then start again in our new home.
We have moved 4 times since 2005, twice in America, so you think I would be getting used to it, but the only problem is we are maturing (!) and the bones creak, the head aches from organising, our poor dog Mollie hasn't a clue whats going on and tonight we have to take her to family so that she will not end up being packed away in the moving lorry!!!!!! . Well I can't say that life is boring at the moment... can't get to do any crafting as I'm unable to move or even get in my room, heaven help the poor person who has to box all that.... actually to be fair to me, most of it is in storage boxes anyway, its just the hundreds & hundreds of books that need packing (and there's more on the way, ones that I have ordered over Christmas) hey ho!
With the luck the internet will be in place when I move in on 1st January 2012, the OH is going with the belongings, whilst I sort out here, we attend a New Year's Eve party then OFF we g0!!!!
So this will be my last post of 2011. The end of this year has been so much better than the start (that applies to so many people) that I believe that the only way is UP for 2012 (when you have been so far down there is nowhere else to go)...... I wish marvellous new beginnings for everyone, be healthy, happy (as you can be), positive and most of all BELIEVE in YOURSELF and what you can achieve.... I have and life has certainly turned around.
With much love and positive blessings to everyone in blogland....... take care of yourselves, keep safe, keep warm, SING LOUDLY, MAKE ART WITH ABANDON and LOVE YOURSELF.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Started packing....

Well I have actually put some of my treasures in boxes.... I have been so busy seeing friends, getting presents, my mind isn't on the move.

Next year will see a new start in a new place, so let us see what great adventures come along.
Have a great Christmas filled with fun and a positive 2012. Thank you for following me on my journey....... Ciao

Monday, 5 December 2011

Well... what news

Sorry I have been MIA lately, there is so much going on at no 35. Well looks like we are on the move. Finally, a decision has been made and we are off on another journey (in this country) to somewhere new and in the country, which our Mollie will love.

Hope you are all keeping warm and dry and safe in this weather....... Ciao