'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Monday, 29 July 2013

Normal service resumed......

Well I hope its been resumed....OH has started a new job!  Fingers crossed that this lasts a little longer than the last one. Actually it is better as it is a new post within the company so there will be lots to keep OH stimulated and happy.
The only downside is, OH is using my car so its back to public transport and as I live in the country the bus service is a little odd to say the least, but hopefully its only for a little while til He gets his own car!!!   Feels strange sat here on my own with my dog - just one cup of tea to make now!!!  Caio

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Generosity of spirit......

Matilda stands guard over my pots outside in the garden... she is an angel and as an angel she has generosity of spirit, which I am finding a lack of at the moment.
I wonder sometimes is it me?  I have encountered a couple of occasions recently where I did not feel totally welcome by some of the group.   I find this mystifying.  OK i have pink hair, laugh out loud and am passionate about certain things, but does that make me different, unapproachable not to be made welcome?  I have always tried to make anyone coming into a group for the first time as comfortable and as welcome (gushing even!!) as is possible.  That is so important as they have made the first step and it is up to other members/people to engage with them and make the situation comfortable.  I have to say that I am finding this lacking in places....
It is so hard to go into an established group and find your place, there is always some sort of politics/structure in place.  I know this only too well as I have to make new friends all my life,  I have been on the move from 6 weeks old!  and when you get to my age of 60 you would think that it was easier, believe me it isn't......  and it makes me feel sad.  If people think that I am intimidating in some way, they should meet some of my friends in the art world they would be in for a shock!!!  Life is difficult enough at the moment, all my energy is focused and I don't have any extra trying to put up with others
negativity/jealousy or any other thought they may have.  So, the challenge is to make people feel welcome.  It takes very little to give generosity of spirit to those around us.  If you have a kind soul I'm sure you will find a way.   Ciao

Monday, 24 June 2013

Saw these....

Would you believe that I found these lovely ladies in our local market town where I live.  I had to have them.  I haven't found them a place to 'live' yet.  Who would believe that I would find Kelly Rae Roberts here!

I can't believe its 2 months since my last blog, time flies as they say.  I've been to see Eric Clapton at the NEC, had a fabulous day in London (will blog about that later) and have signed up to do a certificate in Sci Fi/Fantasy illustration... trying to keep busy with the hope that life will get better.

I have been creating so will post some pictures (sometime).  I may not be blogging, but I am keeping up with whats going on with friends blog happenings....  Ciao

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pants..... not the ones you wear!!!

Life is pants!!!  Life isnt going too well in this part of the country, after a great holiday in New York we got a swift punch from out of nowhere (didnt see it coming) and landed with a large bump.  I was looking to a year of fun, the year started great but OMG its taken a nose dive. So has my creative side, nothing getting done here, just trying to get through the days.
Anyway, have more photos to post of the N.Y. experience which will be posted on facebook.  Ciao

Monday, 4 March 2013

Where have I been????

I have been around, but somehow seem to be non-creative at the moment.....I have done the odd card but seem to be in a blank space, if that makes sense.
I had a really bad dose of something nasty and it has really laid me low, I have no energy and get tired quickly.  Whilst all this has been going on I've booked a trip to Australia for September to see friends (OH doesn't want to come along, more spends for me!) So that's all booked and paid for.  Its the New York trip in 10 days, so amazing. Wishes do come true.
I'm trying to do something different every month, April is looking quiet, but you never know.  May is filled up already with jaunts etc. Got to seek other adventures, there are plenty to be had in this big world.
Just finishing a cuppa and deciding have I got the energy to move from the sofa!!!!    Ciao

Monday, 21 January 2013

Brrr its cold

Here in the cold of Leicestershire I've been in a semi cant be bothered state of mind, though I've quite a few cards to make for birthdays this month.  I definitely need an injection of some description to get me going.
We've had a decent covering of snow and the county has come to a standstill!! but Mollie is loving the snow and wants to be out in it all day - bit cold for that.
I hope you are all keeping warm and well and that the creative spark is flowing... please send some my way.  Ciao

Friday, 11 January 2013

Well the big one is here....

Its my BIG birthday this weekend and I intend to celebrate ALL YEAR.   I will be travelling to be with family, then its Sunday lunch (not a party), going in a stretch limo and taking a birthday cake in the shape of a skull (made out of chocolate with pink roses).  
I really want this year to be special, to try and do some travelling and attend an art retreat, create as much art as I can and to hell with the household chores etc.  When you are 20, 60 seems a life time away, but it comes round before you realise and bang!  got to make a mark.
It is only a number, its how long you have been alive, it is not OLD, that word should be banned, some people are old at 20, 30 and 40.  Its a state of mind and I'm thankful that all my friends are completely off their heads, having fun and living life to the full.  So I might have pink/lilac in my hair who cares, you've got to get out there and have FUN.  People are so stressed trying to get through life, they need to slow down and get through a DAY, laughing as much as possible, smiling and saying hello.  I may not be rich in monetary terms (something always comes along to fill the hole) but I'm rich in crazy friends, family and being able to do what I want in creativeness.  It has been a long hard road to get here, some days I didn't think I was going to make it, but here I am.  It certainly hasn't been a boring journey, of that there is no doubt, I've travelled, live in foreign parts and made new friends, had no money but managed to live.  
I've never had a job that I liked, I was good at what I did but was not settled or happy.  Take a warning from that. Life is what you make it as they say, so make it special, take a leap of faith there will be a net to catch you and start a new adventure. That's what I intend to do.  Ciao