'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Monday, 31 May 2010

What kind of card?....

What kind of card do you make when a child has died? That was the sad news we got on Friday... a cousin of my husband her youngest son died last Wednesday. He was only 11, he had the brightest smile was full of fun but was suffering from an extremely rare condition called Williams Syndrome but he didn't die from that , he had a blood clot in his brain. I have no idea how what they are going through, how they will cope in the future but they have 2 other beautiful children to care for. It is not the natural way for a child to go before the parent, unfortunately, life is hard and we are given mountains to climb. This is some mountain. I know they will get plenty of support from family and friends.
I wanted to make a card that was different, a card full of vibrant colour to show that we are celebrating the life of a bright, vibrant young man So I hope it brings some comfort to his devastated family and reminds them that they are in our hearts........... Ciao

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Vintage finds....... buttons & bows ...

Wednesday was a fun day out.... my crafty friend Suzq picked me up and off we went into Cheshire to do a 'little' shopping for vintage supplies. We weren't disappointed. We found cabinet cards, vintage buttons, postcards, ribbons, empty containers, books and my prize ... an American Cigar Box! I nearly had a fit when I found it perched on a top shelf, I think I gave Sue a heart attack I shouted so loud. It was such an amazing day, even the rain didn't spoil how great I felt.... trouble is the other half is making noises about the bank balance.... I'm bothered, don't think so. Of course we had the obligatory coffee and cake. We were out for hours, came home, split some of our finds and Sue toddled off home with a big smile on her face, hope she didn't get lost on the roundabouts! Of course, we are going to do it again........ Ciao

Friday, 28 May 2010

Carolyn Quartermaine.... a feast for the eyes....

This is a beautiful book...... this picture doesn't do the book or photos justice. I have wanted this book for such a long time, so I decided to take the plunge and got a secondhand copy. I first read about Carolyn in Somerset Studio and was enthralled with what I saw, so began the search. The colours throughout are just out of this world, combination of colours are magical, the way the scene's have been dressed are delicious eye candy, many of the photographs were taken in her home, gorgeous. Ciao

Monday, 24 May 2010

Added a little something.....

I decided to add a little something to a friend's book bra as the ribbon looked so lonely..... we have put in for a house, we are just waiting for all the usual paraphernalia (OOH) to be cleared and hopefully we will move later in June, so my get together in St Ives with some other girlfriends looks to be a no go! ah well will try later in the year.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather was fantastic to say the least... I was a flag marshall (yes you read correctly) at Oulton Park Car Race Circuit in Cheshire.. it was a Vintage Car Meeting and was tremendous fun... I got to wave the yellow flag (obstacle on course/car spun/watch out, I think!) a few times and the red flag to stop a race.... trouble was, no shade so even with sunscreen I burnt... we had on heavy, special clothes, boots, safety stuff (whew) so I was in over heat mode... so I am sunburnt on my face from the eyes down (hat on) forearms and front of my neck... so sexy dont you think? Anyway had an amazing time with my son, former hubby, my other half stayed at home and looked after the dogs and changed the oil on the car!!! he thought that more exciting than coming out with us!! Hoping to be flag marshall again at the Bentley meeting at Silverstone in August.... bring on the sexy gear!! Ciao

PS My Readers Share story is on Crescendoh.com this week, so please pay a visit.... dont be shy in leaving comments..

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Well here's another one.....

Tried to upload this image yesterday, but the computer didn't like it! (got to me a male one).... more like Dina's style which I like with the cut outs. I'm so busy looking at houses I feel totally drained. The thought of having to move all my crafting supplies into boxes then out again is giving me panic attacks!.. no doubt it will all come out in the wash, as they say. We have been accepted for the tenancy of one house, but I'm off to see another later this afternoon in case we have problems with that one. Whatever happens I will have to get a job (boo) to help pay the bills, thats if I can find one, its still bad out there! Don't know what landlords have against pets is beyond me, they are less destructive than children and on the whole do as they are told. Both houses have gardens which is great for Mollie, but there will never be enough room for all my clutter, plus other half's 3 or is 4 computers! Ciao

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Look What I did......... aren't I clever!

What a fantastic day at Dyan's on Sunday... I actually managed to get 3 A4 pages done in a new journal book. It was amazing. Definitely decided that cutting, pasting is my thing, with stencils and inks. The usual suspects were there, plus a few who had been MIA somewhere... I took a chocolate cake, there was plenty of hysterical laughs, running mascara and loads of cups of tea/coffee. Such an amazing way to spend a Sunday and the sun was shining outside. Certainly feeds the soul..... thanks girls. Ciao

Friday, 14 May 2010

Look what I won......

We actually went out last night...... had a late night curfew! and I won this lovely gift... so May keeps getting better and better. It was great to go out socially, be with other people, don't do enough of that these days. I'm finding it difficult to find fashionable clothes to go out in, don't designers know that us more mature, discerning ladies what beautiful wear, not go out looking like a sack!!!!

How hard is it to rent a house... I've been chasing properties this week, with not a lot of success, it seems you have to camp out on the doorstep of Estate Agents to get a chance, then you have to keep your eye on the internet too, which is another full time job. How did I do all these jobs when working, is it because I had more energy or I have other priorities these days?

I was in Liverpool on Wednesday with super friend Suzyq, had great fun rummaging through craft stuff, ribbon, lace and other exciting eye candy.... actually didn't spend too much either which will please the other half. But I did let him buy a new printer last weekend, wasn't that good of me!!!! you have to let them have a treat now and again. So I haven't done much in the way of creating, but off to Harrogate on Sunday for a fix, gossip and a laugh... doesn't get any better than that.......

One of my blog sisters was complaining of being lonely on one of her blog sites, this isn't acceptable. Please visit the Purple Caravan (link on side bar), where the most beautiful pictures and words are posted by the talented Alina. No one should be alone, so be generous and take a few seconds to feast your eyes....... Ciao

Monday, 10 May 2010

Yippee... will it change my life?

Just a quick post today. I have just found out that my Reader's Share story will be published on the Crescendoh website the week of the 24th May.... so it will be interesting to see what readers think of my story (if they think of it at all!).
Been looking for houses to rent, total waste of time! when I got there I was told the owners didn't want pets and they had said that in their tennant specification... wonderful! having a real headache trying to find something that meets hubby's needs... have to keep plodding on. Apparently, people are renting not buying so its a harder market. And I ain't giving up my dog for ANYONE!!!! so there.... Ciao

Friday, 7 May 2010

And the news is......

Does this picture give you a clue?????? the message I got was from the wonderful Jenny Doh. I have been asked to do a Readers Share for her online community CRESCENDOh.com. So I have written (or should I say typed) a few! words and will be sending it off this weekend. I have got to find some photos of my work to send with the article. Not sure when it will be posted, but sometime. I'm still in shock that anyone especially Jenny, would ask for my story, but I am so honoured to have been asked. If my words can help anyone in some way I will be thrilled beyond belief and if they make people laugh even better....... Ciao

Monday, 3 May 2010

Doodles at dawn........

Not quite dawn but it felt like.... I did a little doodle (fabulous word) whilst eating my porridge, just took up a pen and this is what came along. Hope you all get some doodling done great therapy, fun and you get ideas for other creative ideas. Have a great Bank Holiday.... Ciao

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Magical day......

When you wake in a morning you never know what is going to happen and so it was for me yesterday........
What a magical day it turned out to be..... before heading of to Rainhill to a workshop, I received a message via Facebook which took me completely by surprise and left me in a state of general confusion/shock all day (more so than normal)! I don't want to say anymore until the time comes... so watch this space. With my head somewhere else I went to the workshop and made a complete dogs breakfast of everything I tried to do... we were to make a house (above)which I sort of managed, a book to go inside (which I didn't), if it wasn't for my long suffering colleague in craft and friend Sue I dread to think what I would have made..... I had a great time with the crew, got some old fashioned glass jelly moulds from a charity shop and managed to get home in one piece.
If you think positive all good things come along, it may take time but hold on to the thought....... Ciao