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Friday, 14 May 2010

Look what I won......

We actually went out last night...... had a late night curfew! and I won this lovely gift... so May keeps getting better and better. It was great to go out socially, be with other people, don't do enough of that these days. I'm finding it difficult to find fashionable clothes to go out in, don't designers know that us more mature, discerning ladies what beautiful wear, not go out looking like a sack!!!!

How hard is it to rent a house... I've been chasing properties this week, with not a lot of success, it seems you have to camp out on the doorstep of Estate Agents to get a chance, then you have to keep your eye on the internet too, which is another full time job. How did I do all these jobs when working, is it because I had more energy or I have other priorities these days?

I was in Liverpool on Wednesday with super friend Suzyq, had great fun rummaging through craft stuff, ribbon, lace and other exciting eye candy.... actually didn't spend too much either which will please the other half. But I did let him buy a new printer last weekend, wasn't that good of me!!!! you have to let them have a treat now and again. So I haven't done much in the way of creating, but off to Harrogate on Sunday for a fix, gossip and a laugh... doesn't get any better than that.......

One of my blog sisters was complaining of being lonely on one of her blog sites, this isn't acceptable. Please visit the Purple Caravan (link on side bar), where the most beautiful pictures and words are posted by the talented Alina. No one should be alone, so be generous and take a few seconds to feast your eyes....... Ciao


  1. Lucky you winning those goodies and having a night out. Sorry to hear you are still not having much success on the house front and sorry I missed Wednesday's trip but did have a good day at AFTH and will see you there on Sunday.
    Will now go and visit Purple Caravan.
    Hugs Pat xx

  2. See? now you've made me teary eyed. You're a great friend! the thing is, I have given up on Me and My Window. I guess it's too depressing and that's why readers stay away. I don't blame them. Thank you for trying to help. I will continue my travels aboard the Purple Caravan :0) My heart skips a beat whenever I hear the word Liverpool, my beloved Beatles' birthplace. Glad to hear May is shaping up. Have a great day you wonderful nut! XX

  3. woop woop girly, congrats on your win. See you Sunday babes. xx

  4. Well, you gave us all a laugh at AFTH yesterday that's for sure. How ya doing with your personal challenge?!!!!

  5. well Kate... not so good!!!!