'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Oh look.. another book!

Look what dropped through my letterbox today (actually the postman knocked! too big) another crafting book. I've had a quick rummage through and it is delicious, beautifully photographed, great projects and for me smells great! As I said before I love books I think it started when at Christmas many centuries ago, I got a novel for a present, a classic by Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens. Louisa M Alcott or whoever.... it was so exciting. The thrill is still the same, so delicious. Good reading.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Journalling .... 2 4 2 or Cocktails 4 2?

Is this t 4 2 or cocktails 4 2? I think cocktails, she is far too elegant for tea dont you? But they did use to dress up when going out for afternoon tea especially tea dances, so elegant with hat, gloves, one glove on, one carried in the un-gloved hand..... I used to love 'dressing up' when going out, but it seems to me that we only dress up for occasions which is a pity. Theres nothing like a bit of glamour to make you feel a million dollars...... Ciao

Monday, 22 March 2010

Goodies......... ties, book and stamps

Found cable ties in different colours at Maplins... I've started using them for binding books etc I love them and so different for a binding.....The stamps (Hampton) I got for 99p at the Lowry Outlet Centre at Salford Quays and the book I got from The Works, inside are 4 outline drawings of the female form, if any of the ladies were on the Dina Wakley Workshop these will be invaluable..... Its surprising where you can get crafting supplies, always keep a look out for the unusual, you'll be surprised. Ciao

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sunday Journalling.... on a Wednesday!

We had Sunday Journalling on a Wednesday (could only happen 'up North') which was great fun.... we were given the challenge of picking a letter, thinking of a word and then off we went. As you can see I got 'B'. I actually painted the letter itself, used inks, pens stuck it to my page (paints and Blonde Moments stamps) and used the front of a birthday card a friend had sent me.... yes it was the glittery shoes at the top, just thought they were the business... it was interesting to see what the other talented ladies did with their letters...... the lovely Pat brought cake, but unfortunately it had nuts in it so I couldn't have a piece.. boo hoo! the lovely Chris offered me a piece of Betty's Stem Ginger cake, but opening it for 1 seemed a bit silly..... so I suffered!!!! The new shop is great, so light, warm and inviting... cant wait for the next trip... robbing a bank comes to mind!! Ciao

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Circle Journal - al la Dina......

This is my 'entry' for the round robin journal that is on going with Dyan. The colours are so vibrant, there's gold pen and invisible glitter ink and fountain pen that you just can't see...... I really enjoy this style of journalling thanks to Dina. I love graffiti and this journalling process reminds of that..... hope the other participants like it too. Ciao

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring flowers..... not my garden!

Dont these flowers look so fragile and beautiful.... I dont have a garden at the moment so seeing these gorgeous colours in the sun certainly made me feel bright, as though I had turned a corner which I have...... I must get on and get some journaling done, had a coffee to keep me awake but I don't think it has worked! Ciao

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mothers Day....again

Its here again... Mothers Day. I've never really liked the cards in the shops a bit too sentimental and slushy for me and the verses are just vomit making!! So here is my take on Mothers Day.... I used some backgrounds I made at the Dina Wakley tutorial at Dyan's, flower punch, bird punch and distress stickles to give the card a bit of bling. As you know I lurve all sorts of bling.... not sure whether my Mother will like it, but at least she is getting a card, which is the point of the whole thing. Ciao

Friday, 5 March 2010

A card for my son....

I always have a problem thinking what kind of card to make for guys.... there doesn't seem to be much out there in the crafting world to use, but perhaps I'm not looking in the right place! My son is mad keen on trains so I thought this was appropriate. The train ticket at the bottom was from a journey he actually made sometime when visiting a friend in Norfolk... I have him trained (forgive the pun) in keeping ephemera so I can use it in my creations. The stamp I used was from Crafty Individuals, the background is my doing... so I hope he likes it. Ciao

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Dina Wakley..... awesome!

What an awesome day we had with Dina at AFTH ..... all the girls were covered with inks, paint in minutes of starting, it was great fun. Unfortunately you can't get the how vibrant the colours are in the photos... we used Portfolio water soluble oil pastels for shadow effects, detailing and eye popping elements, truly brilliant for creating art work. Dina showed us how to do with splattering, inks being wiped with kitchen towel (on the page), composition, colour and so much more..... I think the rest of the class used a female form that Dina had kindly given us to cut out, but I love shapes so I used stars and hearts. We stencilled, sanded, splogged, used tops of lids to make rings (had to wash the tops afterwards, otherwise Dyan would have had a dicky fit, I unfortunately used a craft knife on her crafting mat, I thought I would have to leave the class!!!) A gorgeous lunch was provided with Pam and Teresa helping cook, dish and wash up. Tea and coffee was on tap and there were chocolate coissants in the morning! Unfortunately I couldn't attend Day 2 today, but I'm sure the girls will have a great time. Thanks Dyan for organising this marvellous class and Dina for generously passing on her techniques to art and life.... they are a pair of Divine Diva's and gracious with it. Ciao

Monday, 1 March 2010

Crafting... therapy... tea and cake

Here is the finished piece...the collage was made for Dyan for her upcoming birthday. I really enjoyed making this .. lots of papers, an original Olive's Petit Doll, with embellishments. As I had some mdf in the cupboard I used that for the base. It was Journalling Sunday at AFTH yesterday and a great time was had... plenty of cake (i took a chocolate with cream one) the lovely Clare brought cake(s) as it's her birthday this coming Friday, the same day as my son's... the tea was flowing, lots of laughs and stories. Who needs to pay for therapy when you have a place like this to go to and just talk..... Life is still difficult in 'Olive's Place' but I can forget about it all here, have a moan, the girls listen (I think they do!) give advice, get more tea and away we go.... I feel really blessed on days like these.. as well as exhausted, but its worth it.... especially sitting in the car for one & half hours each way..... hubby takes me, goes off and does his thing (with computers) and picks me up. Perfick!!!!!! Ciao