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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Circle Journal - al la Dina......

This is my 'entry' for the round robin journal that is on going with Dyan. The colours are so vibrant, there's gold pen and invisible glitter ink and fountain pen that you just can't see...... I really enjoy this style of journalling thanks to Dina. I love graffiti and this journalling process reminds of that..... hope the other participants like it too. Ciao


  1. Like it ? I love it the colours are wonderful and you have got all the necessary components there. I agree I like journaling a la Dina too.
    Hugs Pat xx

  2. Looks brilliant, hope you do something like that in my journal!!

  3. So colorful, just like you! Love it! Olive, please stop by my other blog http://meandmywindow.blogspot.com and check out my post of March 5th. I left something there for you ;) xx

  4. gorgeous, but so much better when you see it in real life, not sure how to follow that, lovely to see you today XX