'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Recycling.... something a bit different

And now for something completely different... the 'muse' may have gone on holiday, but I decided to make a security device for my purse, also it will help me find it in my large handbags. I have seen these bell devices on other purses, so I decided to buy some jewellery bells, recycle old chain and clasp.... get out the pliers, flatteners and away I went. For a bit of added eye candy I added a skull & cross bone, really into this symbol:) hopefully the fairy muse will come back off holiday, sprinkle her creative dust and hey presto away we go! Ciao

Friday, 23 April 2010

Motivation...... motivation ......

If I say the word long enough do you think it will happen? Cant get motivated at all this week, not sure if its the lure of the sun or just other stuff getting in the way... I'm looking for work, part time, so that takes time, walking Mollie twice a day then there's always the other crap that gets in the way..... I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head I must get them down on paper. I find it hard making art on my own sometimes, its great when there are others around ... there is a buzz of ideas, the 'why didn't I think of that' its so simple... ah well think I will cogitate a bit more with a cup of tea and see what happens. Ciao

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More of everything......

Here we have more journalling and goodies.... another fantastic day at AFTH in Harrogate, my other half said "is that all you've done!" I won't repeat what I said. Going to Harrogate for the day isn't all about journalling, its about being with like minded, completely manic women. There are lots of laughs, cups of tea/coffee, cake from yours truly and of course gossip!! Going there has certainly changed my life and kept me sane (though some may disagree with the last thought!) and I'm thrilled to call them my friends. I just adore the Stampotique Stamps and will have to get some more, well there's a shock!!!

The others are goodies I got from an Art shop in Liverpool and the empty spray bottles come from Superdrug, they are the travel bottles, going to be used for inks and at 99p a go will do for me.. the stencil caught my eye as it has outlines for men, it is hard to get 'man' items when crafting so I thought that will useful... even if men aren't!!!!! Keep your eyes open you never know what you can find..... Ciao

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Well I never........

Here is the beach at Torquay.... what a fabulous weekend we had went with friend Olga, more of that later. The sun shone the whole time, it was so warm but that wind was chilly, the hotel was comfortable, the food good and the company great. I actually won the quiz on the coach on the way down, clever me and a couple of games of bingo and coming home came 2nd in the quiz and won a game of bingo!!! so all in all a good holiday.... needless to say enjoyed the shops, having coffee with my friend Olga (and a few glasses of wine) ...... Got a big surprise whilst on holiday, it would appear that my friend Olga and I are related as distant cousins!! I was in a state of shock as I have known Olga for 30+yrs. We were talking about Blackpool (as you do) and she told me that she used to go and stay with relatives at a B&B that was behind the Tower, I said I had a Aunt (Gran Aunt actually) who also had a B&B behind the Tower. Low and behold it was the same person... I still can't get over the shock. It would appear we are related on my Father's side of the family (blood relative) as he was born in St Helens as were her family and some went to live in Blackpool.. As Olga is a member of a Family History Group she will now have to go and find out where we all fit. Life is certainly full of surprises, twists and turns... never boring always keep yourself open to new experiences and see what happens... Still cant believe it... Ciao

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Going on a coach to the seaside......

Here's another Journal page in the making... another change is right. So many changes, planes across oceans, houses moves from here to there and back again with another move later this year, that makes 5 house moves in 5 years... good job we've kept the boxes! I've always been on the move since being an army 'brat' so its in my blood, but the older one gets the harder it gets, as you use so much energy and have to start again.... at least you cant accuse me of standing still for too long!! I just hope the next 'upsticks' will be for longer than a year..... they say change is good for you trouble is it always seems to me doing the planning etc .I'm going to be M.I.A for a few days, going away with a coach load of 'ladies' for a long weekend by the sea, so packing a suitcase again... what was I saying about staying put!!!! Ciao

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Japanese Book....... or hanger!

Had a great day at Rainhill Stampers on Saturday, this is what we all made. It took some concentrating and repeating of instructions, poor Neet must have been exhausted! It was fun, different and a challenge. A good friend of mine called Sue, I haven't known her long so I hope I can call her friend, came along as well for the first time and really enjoyed herself, phew glad of that. It is always difficult when you invite someone to a group or whatever whether they will also find it as exciting/fun as you do. All you have is hope... that's all we can do. As always the Group made us feel at home as we are still newbies! Crafters are generous with their time, experience and supplies, long may that be.......Ciao

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Postcards...... ooohhh

Look what I've got.... a handsome young man gave me these beautiful postcards to use in my crafting.. (no it wasn't my son!) there is a great variety with modern, vintage and foreign postcards so I have plenty to choose from... trouble is I'm collecting more stuff and running out of space. I chide my other half for hoarding, I'm doing the same, so I shall have to be careful what I say!!! Ciao