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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Well I never........

Here is the beach at Torquay.... what a fabulous weekend we had went with friend Olga, more of that later. The sun shone the whole time, it was so warm but that wind was chilly, the hotel was comfortable, the food good and the company great. I actually won the quiz on the coach on the way down, clever me and a couple of games of bingo and coming home came 2nd in the quiz and won a game of bingo!!! so all in all a good holiday.... needless to say enjoyed the shops, having coffee with my friend Olga (and a few glasses of wine) ...... Got a big surprise whilst on holiday, it would appear that my friend Olga and I are related as distant cousins!! I was in a state of shock as I have known Olga for 30+yrs. We were talking about Blackpool (as you do) and she told me that she used to go and stay with relatives at a B&B that was behind the Tower, I said I had a Aunt (Gran Aunt actually) who also had a B&B behind the Tower. Low and behold it was the same person... I still can't get over the shock. It would appear we are related on my Father's side of the family (blood relative) as he was born in St Helens as were her family and some went to live in Blackpool.. As Olga is a member of a Family History Group she will now have to go and find out where we all fit. Life is certainly full of surprises, twists and turns... never boring always keep yourself open to new experiences and see what happens... Still cant believe it... Ciao


  1. So glad you enjoyed your weekend and to win the quiz, well what can I say except for clever old you. I've had a good day today, went to AFTH, but won't be going on Sunday as today has taken so much out of me. Sorry I won't see you though. xx

  2. So pleased you had a good break and the weather stayed fine for you.It sounds like an interesting time was had.
    Ann and I went to AFTH today, fab day. Will I see you there on Sunday?
    Hugs Pat xx

  3. not a good enough reason Ann... look after yourself.

  4. I will be there on Sunday Pat..... looking forward to it. xx