'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year - Las Vegas ..... I wish!

A random picture of happy times in Las Vegas... where we had our honeymoon albeit 5 months late, in 2005. What a great place to spend New Year, that is on my wish list. I lurve Vegas! Also on my wish list:
be more creative; make more ART; think outside the box; that all my friends have a fun filled year and get all that they wish for...... thanks for being there........ Ciao

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Paper Cutting

I love paper cutting... I havent done any for such a long time. I gave these as Christmas presents a few years ago.... this survived the 3,800 miles journey in a crate from USA home to England. Paper is so durable.... no wonder it lasts centuries. Ciao

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Somerset Studio - Art Journaling

Heres what dropped through my letterbox the other day..... Somerset Studio's Art Journaling. I really lurve this magazine ( I lurve them all!)
It has such diversity of styles, which is great for us journallers, there is no right or wrong way .... there is just your own style. The lovely Kate Crane otherwise The Kathryn Wheel (her blog) is included... I have been privileged to meet her at Art From the Heart(Harrogate) at a class. I still havent got round to sorting out 'widgets' & 'gadgets' for my blog, so please be kind...... Ciao

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Table Decorations

I wanted something for a Christmas Centre piece.. I have been looking for ages & i saw this mannequin made from gold sequin wire, then i found the lights and hey presto..... my centre piece! its something i can use again or seperately. I love different! Ciao

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Brrrrrr.... Michigan style...poor ducks nowhere to swim!

Thought I'd share this photo of some poor ducks looking for somewhere to swim. The photo was taken in Ann Arbor, Michigan 2 Winters ago... we had a pond on the bottom of the road where we lived, a great place to watch the wildlife especially the ducks anytime of the year..... it was particularly cold (understatement!!!) 2008/9 & the pond was frozen.... now if you want cold, snow and chill factor Michigan is the place to go!!!!!! Ciao

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Trees .... Olive Style 2009

Well here it is... a recycled, eco-friendly Christmas Tree! We used bamboo canes (from the garden), tied together with wire, wound the lights (2nd hand) round the tree, then hung decorations (many years old) on the wires.. put a star on the top. I think it looks cool and I'm not sure how many carbon footsteps we saved!
there nothing like being different, so it goes well with this household! Ciao

Monday, 14 December 2009

Journalling workshop @ Art from the Heart

This is what I made for Dyan who is Art from the Heart an amazingly creative woman.... as she is into Journalling and loves quotes I found this on Amazon called 'The Poets Notebook. On each page there is a quote or a prompt... its wonderful. So went off to Harrogate for a workshop at AFTH, with a wonderful set of creative souls we had a wonderful, expressive time with lots of laughing. I forget everything except the wonder of drawing, painting and being me! wish i could be there every day............. Dyan may think differently! lots of tea, warm feelings and i made a cake...... & i bought lovely crafting goodies. A great, wonderful, amazing day.
So another journal arrived from Amazon large Moleskine for altering/journalling ..... love paper and books! Ciao

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Stampington & Co.... & Jenny Doh

Here are stamps designed by the talented Jenny Doh...... i read on her blog Crescendoh that she is leaving Stampington & Co and going on to ventures new called CrescenDOH.com so i'm spreading the word. Jenny kindly replied to an email i sent her ....... she is so busy, i was thrilled. Off out tonight to a Masonic Christmas dinner so will be able to dress up in heels. yippee. Ciao

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I cant believe that its been a couple of days since my last blog... I have been working on something which i cant post as yet as its a surprise for someone...... been to the hairdressers today, now have purple in my hair as well as pink... it is Christmas! Though the way some people are behaving it seems its an excuse for rudeness not very seasonal. So much for goodwill to all men!
I leave you with something i made earlier. Ciao

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Eco Style & its Sunday............

Its Sunday, the sun is shinning, my dog Mollie is lying beside and its quiet... dont have enough quiet moments. Must do some more cards today and then they are finished........... just got the pressies to get now! Looking at having an 'alternative style' Christmas tree.... we are short on space here so thinking of an eco friendly one (my take on eco!) got to wash some bamboo sticks!!!
here's some more Journalling pages. Ciao

Friday, 4 December 2009

Blonde Moments ..... and Robins!

Here are my designs for Christmas cards 2010, using Blonde Moments papers and stamps, used coloured paints to make baubles, stamp for sentiment and table confetti stars stuck on ...... the pictures make them look a bit brighter. Anyway thats what friends and family are getting. Some are already winging their way around the globe to various friends, sent with love. I miss them but they are always in my heart and i laugh at the things we got up to. On to Robins now...when walking back from town yesterday, I was privileged to watch a Robin having a bath in a puddle, having a great time. I felt as though everything had stopped and i was lost in another world...... i didnt even feel cold! I've seen several Robins today which is great, perhaps a good portent for 2010, better times ahead. Ciao

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Something to make me feel good.....

Well would you believe it i actually got a photo to upload today....... computers are marvellous when they work....cos i'm feeling cold and tired i thought if i thought of lovely things like handbags i would feel better. Not sure if its working yet. The above is my 1st page in my Journal...
I must catch up on the blogs that i read dont seem to have done much so far, heavens knows why as i dont go out to work... though i do work at home! though hubby might disagree with that (but he doesnt do anything anyway)..... i shall take my sneezes elsewhere. Ciao