'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bling... Butler & Wilson

Look what gorgeousness came through the letterbox.... Butler & Wilson bracelet. As you know I have a thing for skulls, so seeing this delectable item I had to have it... the skulls are enamelled, covered with crystals and the crosses have crystals sent in the shape. Its divine, to die for. Butler & Wilson make the most exquisite jewellery and are collectors items.
We now have leak in the kitchen from the bathroom... life is a joy!
Still awaiting news re Lee and job..... Ciao

Friday, 25 June 2010

She's leaving home........

She's leaving home...... Lucinda is going on a journey. A blog friend of mine decided that she wants to have Lucinda join her and her family on a narrow boat to keep them company. So Lucinda will be parcelled up and sent on to her new family next week to embark on new and wondrous adventures... It's a thrill for me that someone actually wants a piece of my 'art', life is certainly interesting for me at the moment. Thank you so much Alice........(please visit Fanciful Alice blog on my side bar)

No news yet on other half's interview, but no news is good news... & if they didn't want him we assume he would know by now...... fingers still crossed. Ciao

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Another female form......

This is what I found in Dunelm and had to have it! Its great for displaying works, items, stuff that gives me pleasure.......
As I type this I have my crafty friend and fellow nutcase Suzq with me, we have had a marvellous day out at QVC outlet (yes we did buy) then did the pound shops and have just come back from Hobbycraft, oops no money! Suzq has been here trying her hand at shrink plastic and loving it. So there's another reason to spend money...... well who cares!!! The banks have plenty of money, don't they??? Ciao

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A bit of this, a bit of that........

Used a variety of inks/glimmer mists for the background... then took ages deciding what to do next. Found a book that used to belong to Sue Roddis (got it when she left for foreign parts) with birds stamped on, so I ripped them out, stuck the pages down, got out alphabet stencils used gesso for that, then just used paint for the border from another stencil. Needless to say I have to do more..... Ciao

Just to say my other half has an interview tomorrow am so lots of positive thoughts to be channelled his way..... he is actually stay away overnight as the interview is early am in Worcester.

Friday, 18 June 2010

More!!!!! What a feast..........

Yes more books.... on journalling. When I was in America I saw "The Journey is the Destination" in Barnes & Noble but for some reason didn't purchase it... but reading so much about Dan Eldon and how his journals influenced others I bought a copy. Really worth it..... a young man who died tragically and so young. These books are feast for the eyes.
The other feast was yesterday, Thursday, when I had been fortunate enough to be invited to a crafty friends house with other crafty friends for lunch. I think lunch is an understatement...... we had 3 courses of the most delicious food, with 3 desserts (yes 3) to die for.... we could have all done with a long walk but instead opted for sitting out in the sun (some of us under shade) feeling full and content. The weather was magnificent, the company was stimulating and the food....... yummmy!!!!!!!!! That's the best kind of day to have..... I am truly blessed. Thank you ladies and fellow nut cases. Ciao

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Yellow for a change.... but then there's always pink!

As always we had a blast at AFTH on Sunday... what would I do without those nutty ladies to see me through what has been a strange and difficult week (no change there then!) lots of laughs, chocolate cake (made by yours truly), buckets of tea. Our challenge was to pick a colour, find as many shades as we could from magazines, use paints and away we go. I picked yellow for a change, something really bright to cheer me up. Trying to find paints/inks in yellow is quite a challenge, so I used gold as well... can't really see much with this photo. Great day, pity the rain threw it down on the journey back home, but after such an enjoyable day who cares!
A crafty friend Clare who was also at journalling class, made me the gorgeous pink brooch, (photo above), to cheer me up... people are so kind, their generosity knows no bounds. Thanks chuck. Ciao

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Reality check.....

I was getting ready this morning to head out to Liverpool to be with my 'crafty' girlfriends, when my phone rang...... my life has now stalled again. My other half rang to let me know that he would be out of a job next week..... so the house we were going to move to will go to someone else, Mollie will not have a garden to sit out in and I won't have my Arbor to sit under and create... So now we are back where we were, no worse off in that we still have a roof over our heads, albeit not the one we liked and we will be kept again by our welfare state.... I was supposed to have gone for a job interview tomorrow but I got a phone call telling me that the job was being put on 'hold' I just laughed ... what can you do. I still went and met my lovely girls, had a great time, they gave me their support and we laughed at everything. Better things on the way do you think?? Ciao

Monday, 7 June 2010

Friendly Plastic..... thats just what it is!

What a fantastic day Saturday turned out to be..... I was lucky enough to get a place on a workshop with Liz Welch at the Rainhill Stampers. I had never used FP before and it was magic... its is so versatile, forgiving and best of all great FUN. We softened, shaped, rolled, stretched, stamped, oozed (!). There were gasps of delight coming from all sides of the room, amazed at what you could produce with hot water, a skillet and a heat gun. Liz showed so many techniques with foils, slivers of this and that, you could truly make works of art....... you don't waste any of the FP you can even use up the tiniest of pieces.... The girls were great fun as always, helpful and encouraging...... The pictures don't really do justice to the colours or the techniques. Try it if you can, it really is worth and Liz is a great teacher. Thanks Liz. Ciao

Thursday, 3 June 2010

If you are curious to find out about colour.....

Here is a great read... this book tells the stories of how colours came into being. Who would have thought that people would kill, steal and other terrible things to get their hands on precious minerals so that the world would have beautiful paintings to adorn homes, museums and galleries. I'm reading it for the 3rd time.. it is absolutely fascinating.... Hope you are all enjoying the summer.... wish we had air conditioning! Ciao

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Yippee, Dina... here we come!

Yippee..... whoops of joy unconfined. Just booked a place for Dina's workshop on Sunday 8th August.... my heart is beating so fast, I cant believe it!!!! that is going to be some weekend. Silverstone on Saturday as a flag marshall, then up early o'clock again for Sunday......... hope to see you all at AFTH. Ciao