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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Another female form......

This is what I found in Dunelm and had to have it! Its great for displaying works, items, stuff that gives me pleasure.......
As I type this I have my crafty friend and fellow nutcase Suzq with me, we have had a marvellous day out at QVC outlet (yes we did buy) then did the pound shops and have just come back from Hobbycraft, oops no money! Suzq has been here trying her hand at shrink plastic and loving it. So there's another reason to spend money...... well who cares!!! The banks have plenty of money, don't they??? Ciao


  1. Olive I have one quite similar, I use it to hang my "many" earrings XO

  2. love the form and was just wondering how things had gone for Lee. Lots of folks asking after you when I was at AFTH today. x C

  3. thanks for visiting ladies...... I have no news yet on Lee's interview. I'm hoping we will no very soon. Glad you had a good time Chris, see you at Journalling.......
    You must have had loads of earrings, Alina !!!!!