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Friday, 25 June 2010

She's leaving home........

She's leaving home...... Lucinda is going on a journey. A blog friend of mine decided that she wants to have Lucinda join her and her family on a narrow boat to keep them company. So Lucinda will be parcelled up and sent on to her new family next week to embark on new and wondrous adventures... It's a thrill for me that someone actually wants a piece of my 'art', life is certainly interesting for me at the moment. Thank you so much Alice........(please visit Fanciful Alice blog on my side bar)

No news yet on other half's interview, but no news is good news... & if they didn't want him we assume he would know by now...... fingers still crossed. Ciao


  1. What a lovely gift to give your friend - a little piece of you in your gorgeous art! Hope things work out well for the job. x

  2. fingers crossed for the hubby!!

  3. still crossing everything for your hubby and the job (i do look rather strange when I walk mind ;-) and woohoooaaa I'm so very excited about the arrival of Lucinda! I think she is going to take pride of place in the kitchen/living space and of course, when she is up I shall share with you where she is and how she's doing :-) I can't believe that there aren't many more people who have requested some of your work????? just beautiful me thinks xx

  4. Wow, I can't believe you can part with Lucinda! Your friend will be v happy to receive her I'm sure. Any news on the job front yet? Keeping everything crossed for you ........