'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Monday, 27 September 2010

In the middle of something.....

I can't show you what I'm in the middle of making at the moment... as it maybe gift for someone:) So here is a piccy of the fabulous book I got when in Liverpool with Jabberwocky (Sue Roddis) it's unfortunate that the book fell open at a song "Death on the Hill" perhaps it was a well used song by the person(s) who used the book... I've loved books ever since the time my parents used to take me to large department stores, wherever we were living, at Christmas and I had to pick which book I wanted. It had to be a classic title and I remember one year getting "Treasure Island" which had illustrations, absolutely fabulous. I love the feel of the pages, I don't think anything electronic could give me the same satisfaction..... It has to be the right typeface or I won't read it... I have no idea why, but thats how it is... don't we have some strange ideas! Ciao

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Skulls...... and other things

These arrived today.... from DennyCraft Moulds. I have a love of skulls and was thrilled to find these for sale on the internet. I am thinking of making clay masks (brooches/faces) and decorating them, I really enjoy the design and decorating process of such small objects.
See where this leads me.

On to something completely different, I started a college course yesterday on how to start your own business. It runs for 10 weeks, 2 hrs a week. Needless to say yesterday was filled with form filling and getting to know the rest of the group. Not sure what will happen with this, but might as well give it a go and it is FREE!....... Ciao

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

For you Pat........

This was my contribution to Sunday's journal class... there doesn't seem much to show for 5hrs work, obviously talking too much in class!!! Skeletons in your closet or Monsters were the theme so I went for Skeletons, if you look hard enough there is a skeleton cut in half were the ribbon is placed... at least the colours are Halloween type.... not sure why I decided on the bird, witches and ravens, crows etc. I have no idea!:) Dyan let us use her new and exciting paints (they are GORGEOUS) and her excellent inks (yummy). As always it was good to spend time with like minded ladies (I use the term very loosely!) plenty of laughs, gossip and friendship, thanks girls.

Ciao ........
P.S I haven't put anything in my secret pocket... yet:)

Monday, 20 September 2010


I started making this fold out book a few weeks ago... then decided to use Stampotique stamps as embellishment. Well... off I went to AFTH journalling yesterday (marvellous as always) and the Divine Dy is doing a Stampotique themed book, great minds or telepathic waves. I don't think its exactly the same, but similar enough to be scary. I used Dy's fabby new ink sprays for the background (lurve the Graphite), stamped the characters and coloured with Promarkers on watercolour paper and Tim Holtz enamels. Of course I haven't finished yet, still loads to do.... Ciao

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Not much going on here is there! I do have some projects in a state of being half finished, I must have tidied them away!!! there's a first........ Ciao

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Here's another Olive..... alter ego?!

Here is a picture of another Olive.....an actress called Olive Borden. So they even had Olive's in the 1930's! I found this picture on a freebie website.......
Had a great day in Liverpool with another Divine Diva, Sue Roddis another brilliant artist, with a weird sense of the ridiculous and inventiveness...we met at Lime St Station (Sue lives in Crewe) and then walked in the rain down to Bold St, Rennies the art shop being the first place on the list. Of course we bought pens, books for journalling and other lovely goodies. Of course we had to stop for coffee, cake and a catch up on the antics of her life in foreign parts. Hilarious!!! Before we took root in the coffee shop we decided to do some more shopping.... one of the shops I wanted to take Sue to of course was closed, so no skull scarves or bracelets for us!!! Next stop Bluecoat School to the book shop.... no!!! it has moved:) so another walk and there it was..... absolute heaven. Got some great books, wanted more but couldn't afford it, so off for another coffee with a sandwich this time.... more time passed. T K Maxx was next on the agenda. Its HUGE.... iI bought stuff to craft with, cookie cutters in great shapes, thrilled with those. Oh yes, got a gorgeous book from Oxfam (a bit pricey) the cover is yummy and filled with music..... Desperately want to go back to the Bluecoat Book shop for a good mooch and they even have a coffee shop upstairs (if I go with the other half somewhere for him). Came home EXHAUSTED and foot weary (soaked feet in salt bath!) but had a most marvellous and stimulating day. Thank you Sue...... Unfortunately Suzyq couldn't be with us as she is nursemaid to her daughter who is recovering from an operation....... Ciao

Thursday, 9 September 2010

My interpretation ......

This is my version of the Printer tray workshop we did a few weeks ago with the Divine Diva Dy at AFTH (before and after)..... I used some of Dy's downloads, freebie downloads off the net, odd pieces of jewellry, metal from watches, pins and paper roses. Glossy accents helped, white pens, Promarkers and paint. It was fiddly getting the sizes correct, sticking everything down, I absolutely loved being absorbed by and in the process. It seems to me the fiddlier the better........ getting lost in what you do is so theraputic, time passes, your mind is on what you are creating and not letting the outside world distract you....

A failing I acknowledge is lack of patience, but for being creative, I have loads.... Ciao

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Its finished......at last!

Here are pictures of the mask I started at a workshop in July with Victoria Stampers at Rainhill.
I used false eyelashes, stick on jewels, Tim Holtz Enamel, then added pink feathers and the roses. I had to get the eyelashes on first before I could continue with the mask, for some reason once they were in place the design was easier to conceive..... so low and behold here it is.. I love the process of design, concept and colour... perhaps I should have been some sort of designer, always love the dramatic..... Ciao

Sunday, 5 September 2010

I'm still here.....

Yes I'm still in the land of the living... just! I have been creating and making which has been great, trying to get myself out of this not so great time..... So I think its time to come back into the world of blog. Will post photos of my creations during the coming week..... Ciao