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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Its finished......at last!

Here are pictures of the mask I started at a workshop in July with Victoria Stampers at Rainhill.
I used false eyelashes, stick on jewels, Tim Holtz Enamel, then added pink feathers and the roses. I had to get the eyelashes on first before I could continue with the mask, for some reason once they were in place the design was easier to conceive..... so low and behold here it is.. I love the process of design, concept and colour... perhaps I should have been some sort of designer, always love the dramatic..... Ciao


  1. Love it!!! the colour's perfect, the gems are perfect!!! Will you be coming to Harrogate show on Sunday?

  2. Wow Olive this is awsome. You will have to go to Venice now to wear it.
    By the way I don't mind if you copy my last journal page.
    Pat xx

  3. Love the colour and design. It is so you. See you soon. X C

  4. Brill Olive. Now I must put it out of my mind so that mine does not turn into a cc. I am putting false eyelashes on though because you told me that was what you were going to do way back - and I thought it was a fabulous idea. Mine is going to accompany my corset when it gets finished (if ever...)