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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

For you Pat........

This was my contribution to Sunday's journal class... there doesn't seem much to show for 5hrs work, obviously talking too much in class!!! Skeletons in your closet or Monsters were the theme so I went for Skeletons, if you look hard enough there is a skeleton cut in half were the ribbon is placed... at least the colours are Halloween type.... not sure why I decided on the bird, witches and ravens, crows etc. I have no idea!:) Dyan let us use her new and exciting paints (they are GORGEOUS) and her excellent inks (yummy). As always it was good to spend time with like minded ladies (I use the term very loosely!) plenty of laughs, gossip and friendship, thanks girls.

Ciao ........
P.S I haven't put anything in my secret pocket... yet:)


  1. Thanks Olive, didn't manage to get round to see everyone's on Sunday. I enlarged your pic to see the skeleton poor thing cut in half. Love your pocket decorations. I haven't even finished mine yet!
    Pat xx

  2. Ooh I love this! Sorry I missed this class - see you at the next one?