'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Great magazine.... I think so

 This caught my eye yesterday.  It has lots of great ideas, some templates and great photos.
Some of the ideas may not be brand new to some of us, but they may spark something for someone out there in blog land. You could even utilise them for other times of the year..... Ciao

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Even more ......

 More flowers though these are supposed to "fantasy flowers".... the oil paints were so translucent and beautiful to work with.
 I decided on a black background just for a change, just a slightly different technique.
It was a fun day, with lots of laughs whilst working hard.
 Booked on another one in December, can't wait.
Will definitely have to invest in these oils.  Its such a long, long time since I've actually painted, the last 3 pictures made me realise how much I miss it.  Ciao

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Woo... its all Hallow's Eve

 Just a small (very small) selection of skulls that live with me
 in my house and keep me company....
 I don't know where this passion has come from, but it feels deep
 rooted in side me and has taken many years to flourish.
 Thinking of getting a skull/rose tattoo for my significant birthday next year.
 Perhaps I was a witch in a past life, who knows... all I know is
skulls are amazing.  Have a great All Hallows Eve.  Ciao

Monday, 29 October 2012

Where does the time go????

I'm busy getting ready to teach a card class in November, but I'm away and have other stuff to do that November is going to flash by so quick.

I've been to art classes, visiting craft fairs, stitch club and generally having a great fun time.
Just a few piccys of the items I have been creating...
Hope you are all keeping well and busy creating.  Ciao

Monday, 15 October 2012

Seascape this time......

 Another great class with Jayne.... got another one booked for this weekend..........

 Love this rock...
 My first attempt at seascapes....

Final painting.....ciao

Monday, 1 October 2012

Yes I have been busy....

Busy crocheting ...... this is a gift.  Have made a few in other colours, so I think Halloween charms and Christmas Wreaths?
Love this Twilley's glitter yarn, easy to use and looks classy (I think).  Ciao

Sunday, 30 September 2012


What a great day I had on this workshop.  I'd forgotten how much I loved painting...... got another class next week.  I have been busy got more creations to show you later......ciao

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Jellies!!!!

I just love these colours, make me smile.  I was trying out some new paints I'd had for ages and when rinsing off the paintbrush this is what I got...... remind me of jellies at a party. Ciao

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Just because......

Because its such a beautiful colour......  Ciao

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Guardian Angel.......

 Heres my Guardian Angel...... she sits in my car and looks after me.  I think I needed one after the problems I had. She whispers in my ear and keeps me safe.
 This is her back, I made her wings from a heart punch and added black pearls.  She is painted metallic gold hence the reflection.
She has a little hat instead of hair made from transparent flowers, a matching wand and wears a skull and crossbone necklace with matching cummerbund.   Ciao

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fear.... its so irrational

Fear is so irrational.....yesterday was so bad I didn't know what to do with myself.  What was causing this totally life sucking emotion? I have no idea!!!   I just didn't want to go out, do anything or even think. I've got the car I always wanted a few weeks ago (2nd hand one), unfortunately it has had a couple of problems and today has come back from the garage... this has totally un-nerved me, why don't know.  I haven't really driven a car since last October, that I was fine with.  This time its different.  Like I said totally irrational and off the scale.....  trouble is, it's not only driving thats freaking me out, even thinking of doing anything is sending me into panic status... i was like this many years ago, but I got it sorted and got on with my life.  What is different now I have no idea.  Is it because its a bigger car (6 gears)?, living in a new area (been here 8mths)?, trying to start up a business?  I went on the Bach's Centre website (as in Rescue Remedy)and ordered a customised Natural Flower Tincture, which has really helped me (must order more).. I can recommend this site if you do need assistance.  Am I going mad (probably)?, is there anyone else out there feeling like this?  I go out of my front door, put on smile and carry on.  I do feel positive about life and what I am achieving, I just can't reconcile the two emotions.  Is it that 'time' of life? is because I'm entering a new phase of my life? I just don't know......
No doubt I will get through this, come out the other side and think 'hum yes that was daft'....... I think about the positive happenings of the day, focus on that and take comfort.  At least when I go to bed now I sleep deep (even if do wake up once or twice) thats the Remedy helping me there....
I am just fininishing making a Guardian Angel to travel with me in the car.  It does all sound so 'barmy' but if it brings me peace of mind what the heck...
Am i over thinking situations? they are never as difficult as you think they will be, so what's the problem??????  
At the moment I'm looking out of my window at the rain, listening to the thunder, knowing my poor dog Mollie will be hiding somewhere from the noise. Thank God for Mollie, such unconditional love and adoration, what great snuggles she gives, makes me laugh at her antics, most of all Mollie makes me feel safe. Ciao

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Just take your knitting.....

 Went to Trentham Gardens near Stoke upon Trent a couple of weeks ago... it was also a hot day (not as hot as this week has been).  Needless to say there were some nice shops there and of course there was a CRAFT one, so I had to look inside.  And guess what, came out with a ball of wool & needles.  I've started taking knitting wherever I go, if I get a chance especially with a coffee I knit.  Met some really cool folk, as they are curious as to what/why I'm doing it.....I'm just knitting scarves nothing too hard.....
 So whilst the other ladies went for a wander around the garden centre, I found a great spot to knit, have a drink and enjoy the quiet....
but I decided against sitting on this seat.... it was made of stone!!!!
Whilst I write this snatch of my exciting life!!!! I'm boiling hot (its 11.00pm) I've had to undo my bra as it was killing me and I thought what the heck... damn awful contraptions in this weather!  I certainly feel cooler... and with that lovely picture Ciao....

Monday, 16 July 2012

Winging its way.....

Here's another Bodacious Angel winging her way to her new home...
dressed for the occasion, in her finery and taking flowers this time.

She's even wearing golden slippers, perhaps to dance the night away????? Ciao

Monday, 9 July 2012

A little something I made.....

 I made this fascinator for a garden party I attended last Thursday, took about half an hour.
 It became an indoor garden party due to our glorious English summer!!!!!!
 I already had the base for the hat and wondered what I could use to decorate it..... for a few weeks I have been cutting roses from the garden and hanging them to dry.  The colours of the roses really faded, so I decided to use 'real' flowers.
With a hot glue gun, pair of scissors, ribbon and embellishment,  I made a start and this was the end result.  To keep the fascinator in place I glued it to a silver headband.  It was comfortable and I wore it all afternoon.  The photo doesn't do the colours of the hat justice, not sure what I will do with it now.... Ciao

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Can't believe.....

Can't believe that we are now in July.  Where has the time gone??  I'm busy designing a logo for a shop and have been asked to do some other work too..... see where that goes.  I'm making a Bodacious Angel as a commission, but the hair hasn't arrived yet, so that can't be delivered until it does!!!
Now that OH is working I'm back to walking Mollie which does take time, I do love doing it.  Trouble is I meet so many people that I always end up chatting (thats a surprise).......
I went to an 'Indoor' Garden Party yesterday late afternoon and had a wonderful time.  We were all asked to dress up in our finery and wear a hat and I'm glad to say 99% of the ladies did just that.  There was food, alcohol, a quiz with lots of laughter and conversation.  We were waited on by two nice gentlemen - so we didn't have to do a thing.....
Tomorrow, Friday is Stitch Club, which is great fun with mad ladies and a great start to the weekend.  On that note have a mad weekend yourselves out there in crafting land....Ciao

PS yes I know its only Thursday, but I probably wont get to blog tomorrow...

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

In the middle of the night.....

I have some weeks when I don't sleep well...... so I get up and have a cup of camomile tea, grab a book and wait!
Recently I have been getting books on self help, start a business, abundance and books on angels.......  I seem to have had a 'shift' in my mind set in the last few months, not sure how or when, but I certainly have a more positive, go forward and do what you wish attitude.  I read Paul Coelho's 'The Alchemist' (provided by Dyan at AFTH) I sat down one Sunday morning outside (yes it was lovely weather)and read it in one go.  It isn't a large book but it changed me.  That might sound a bit 'odd' but thats how I feel. Since that time, my life has changed in that so much of what I dreamed of seems to be coming to fruition.  I know I have more to do to achieve my goal, but I'm on the first rung, so here goes.
There will be some who think this is 'silly' but the more I give of myself, the more I'm getting back.  It seems to me that moving here has cleared my head, I'm bursting with ideas, have a better life style, living in the country does have a calming effect! and have a made many friends. 
I wish you all positive thoughts.....   Ciao

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Meet Matilda.....

She called for me from the shop window......so I had to have her. I picked Matilda up in a charity shop, so she has a new, loving family.  I wasn't sure where she was going to live, she is outside in the garden where she can been seen and she makes me smile......Ciao

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Well, lets heave sigh of relief.  Lee joins the ranks of the employed on Monday!!!!!  I must say I was getting a bit fed up but faith won out.  Going to the local pub for a drink to celebrate.  I think we deserve it.  Ciao

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Alternative & Pretty Storage.....

 I found this gorgeous cardboard cake stand at my favourite shop SWAGBOX in Hinckley.  It was too beautiful just to have out when you have cakes, so I decided to have it on my work desk and use it as storage for my 'bits & pieces'.  Of course you have to assemble it yourself, but thats not a problem. 

 There are other items to collect to go with this range.... so I shall have to look for another item I can use as an 'alternative.

It is so beautifully made with lots of detail...a real delight.  Ciao

Friday, 15 June 2012


 Here are a couple of backgrounds I did after watching Dy's (Art from the Heart) video on faux bleach backgrounds....I think thats what its called!

I think I will have to play around with the stencils/inks to get the effect needed - but I'm quite pleased with these and am using them cut up for backgrounds.  Thinking about it, the quality of paper used has a lot to do with how well it turns out.  Ciao

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Too much....

Well yet another negative start to the day, the OH hasn't got either of the 2 jobs he went for.  One company has now decided that its not going ahead with the post...OH had 2 interviews for that particular position and you dont get expenses any more!!!!  There is still a chance for another job, so fingers crossed.

Trouble is I'm exhausted by it all.  I'm trying to get a business started for myself, I've had a positive response from a local business for some marketing ideas, which I have to design etc.  I'm trying other avenues as well, but with OH without work its hard to focus on what I want, when I have to support OH, fill more forms to get money from the State to live on (none at moment!) and keep the house is some sort of order.  We still haven't finished sorting out our moving stuff, I need a car and it worries me that if we can't get a positive outlook very soon, we will have to move.  That I couldn't cope with.

I like living here, loving looking at the garden as I type this, Mollie (our dog) has lots of doggie friends, I belong to a couple of groups and have made many friends.  I am trying to keep so positive, doing self help courses, reading positive stuff, doing e-business course.  But I am SO TIRED..... sometimes I wished I drank alcohol, got drunk and slept for a few days.  Thats not my way, but its so tempting!!!!

I surround myself with items I love, art that I create, to give me positive vibes and energy...... its a calming area but at present I'm don't feel calm just exhausted.  Ciao

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bright colours...... a different kind of post

Sitting here looking out of the window at the rain.....so I found this colourful picture from the Wynn hotel (entrance to shopping mall)when I was in Las Vegas in 2005.  Must say they serve great cocktails......
I've been reading a few 'self help' books recently which do help, can give you ideas where to go, what to do.  Common sense plays a great part in 'self help' I apparently have quite alot!!!   Some people don't believe in them, I just take what I want and build on that.  
I have so many ideas rattling around in my head, sometimes I have to get out of bed in the middle of the night and write it down, I'm sure that happens to many people.  Trouble is you cant sleep afterwards (well I can't).  I wish I had the energy now I had when I was soooo much younger, as they say youth is wasted on the young!!!   I was with a friend and neighbour this afternoon and she was saying the same thing.
I can't believe we are in June and that the longest day will be upon us soon and then......  the nights get shorter.  Got to make the most of getting in the garden (might try wearing a mac) and sit out, that's one of the reasons we chose this house - it's garden- but at this rate it will be rust I'll be covered in, not a sun tan!!!
I do have some projects on the go, which I must get finished, I've also put a creative proposition to a local shop, so I must go and see the owner.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Angel anyone?????....

 Here is my latest creation.... an Angel.  A friend of mine has had an operation so instead of an card I made her a 'speedy recovery angel'.
 It is imbued with positive energy and designed to make you smile. 
Angel's can be customised for any occasion, I will be only to happy to make what your heart desires.  Please contact me via email.
She is a jointed Angel, so her arms and legs will move which makes her more interesting, perhaps she is a flying Angel!.........  Ciao