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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Too much....

Well yet another negative start to the day, the OH hasn't got either of the 2 jobs he went for.  One company has now decided that its not going ahead with the post...OH had 2 interviews for that particular position and you dont get expenses any more!!!!  There is still a chance for another job, so fingers crossed.

Trouble is I'm exhausted by it all.  I'm trying to get a business started for myself, I've had a positive response from a local business for some marketing ideas, which I have to design etc.  I'm trying other avenues as well, but with OH without work its hard to focus on what I want, when I have to support OH, fill more forms to get money from the State to live on (none at moment!) and keep the house is some sort of order.  We still haven't finished sorting out our moving stuff, I need a car and it worries me that if we can't get a positive outlook very soon, we will have to move.  That I couldn't cope with.

I like living here, loving looking at the garden as I type this, Mollie (our dog) has lots of doggie friends, I belong to a couple of groups and have made many friends.  I am trying to keep so positive, doing self help courses, reading positive stuff, doing e-business course.  But I am SO TIRED..... sometimes I wished I drank alcohol, got drunk and slept for a few days.  Thats not my way, but its so tempting!!!!

I surround myself with items I love, art that I create, to give me positive vibes and energy...... its a calming area but at present I'm don't feel calm just exhausted.  Ciao

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  1. So sorry about the job, how can they suddenly decide they haven't a position available..they've no idea what they put you through. You have to keep positive, I know it's hard & I know that you try to keep positive and it does make you tired. Am thinking of you and praying that things turn round for you both xx