'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Did I mention I also lurve scarves!!!!!

I met my crafty buddy Suezq in Liverpool for a little ! retail therapy in Liverpool yesterday.... as always had a great time with plenty of laughs. We did buy some crafting stuff and then went to explore Bold Street, a great place for independent & eclectic shops. I found 2 gorgeous scarves which I had to have, one has bling, the other Skulls.... that was Suezq's fault, she found that one!! We were treated to lunch by her lovely son Paul, so went to SOUL CAFE. Had a couple of hours in there, visited more shops and then went back to Suezq for a little crafting session. I think Sue may rethink that next time.... I had bought some paint pens by Viva and thought I would try one. Big Mistake!!!!! I couldn't get the paint out, squeezed a bit to hard and..... paint went everywhere... me, table, Sue's new purchases and across the room! We eventually got the mess cleared up and then... I broke some handle thingys off one of her storage boxes containing acrylic dabbers......... I gave up after that. But she didnt ask me to leave straight away, I stayed for another few hours and Sue brought me back home. She probably did that to make sure I got back in one piece:) As I said great day, the next one will be at mine where Sue can throw paint and break things if she wants!!!!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More added to page & I'm sorry Ann...!!!!!!

Well I've added more images to the journal page I made at AFTH last week.... trying to keep a positive attitude at present with all thats going on for some reason made me think of houses, roofs being open and positive or negative vibes going out through the openings... bit barmy but it describes exactly how life is at the moment (or isn't depending where you are standing)... The images are Dy's Journal Ephemera pages (original set).

Now to apologies to Ann.... yes another book and its good. Has some splendid ideas, very straight forward, practical with good photos... I can't get enough of craft books and there seems to be quite a few new ones on all sorts of subjects coming out later this year. Already in my basket...... along with a few others:) Ah well we can always just have bread and butter!!! Ciao

Apparently, nothing has been decided regarding the job...... so we've been told, will see. xx

Thursday, 15 July 2010

No news....

Well Lee has heard nothing regarding the job, so I think that's that, move on to the next whatever that is how much more do we have to go through!!!....... can't load any photos from this computer! even though I have a computer boffin hubby (so he tells me), so its only words.
Haven't done much in the creative stakes this week, must rectify that..... Ciao

Monday, 12 July 2010

Journalling on Saturday.....

Journal class was on Saturday and not Sunday, which was confusing, anyway 2 great ladies full of fun were able to come along, BezzieSue and Sandra, so we could all catch up on what is going on in their busy lives. The lovely Pat brought along her Granddaughter Isobel, a lovely young lady extremely gifted in the art department (and many other ways I'm sure). It was also great to see Ann back with us, looking well. I brought a rhubarb & apple crumble to the party (with cream!) and actually managed to bring some back home so other half was lucky and actually had some for tea!

These are the 2 pages I managed to get started, needless to say more to do, never seem to finish a page, but who cares, its all about the doing...... Kate (the Kathryn Wheel) brought along some great Golden paints called Interference Colors (American spelling!!) and the girls loved using them... give a great sheen/highlight on the pages.. more crafting stuff to buy! Thanks to Dy.......
As I post this we still have no news on Lee's prospects, so still feeling sick. Ciao

Friday, 9 July 2010

Look what I got.....

After spending all day with me on Tuesday, my friend Suzyq came to play on Wednesday. She had never made an atc, so off we went and made some. The dinning room was soon covered in supplies, paper etc and what couldn't fit on the table went on the floor.... poor Mollie didn't know where to lie down! Suzyq did a fantastic job with her atc's, the atc in the top of the piccy is the one she gave me, all about dreams and imagination. The beautiful tag she made for me as a gift to say 'thank you' for what I'm not sure. Can it be for all the money she is now spending and the miles she is driving? ...... perhaps. I have put both pieces of art work on display in my craft room. I am blessed to have such great friends in the crafting world, some I will be seeing tomorrow at AFTH..... Ciao

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Here is what's on my WOYWW - from our workshop on Saturday with Victoria Stampers. We had a variety of blank shapes we could use then covered them in paper. My mask is still in the process of being created, with more eyelashes and lots of bling!
Had an amazing day yesterday in Sheffield with other crafty ladies..... again great company, amazing food and plenty of laughs, can't ask for more.
Lee has gone back for a 2nd interview today.... fingers crossed. Ciao

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bat those eyelashes.....

No these aren't for me, even though I did use to wear false eyelashes in another life! It was the Victoria Stampers workshop yesterday and these are going to be embellishments on the item I am making (keeping it a secret til its done)... as always had a fab day, lots of chat, fun and exchange of ideas... visited the charity shop and got some bits to craft with. My crafty friend Sueq was also there, she now has a blog so please go visit her as she is a talented and quirky lady. Ciao

Just got a mention on Paul O'Grady's radio show - fame at last!!!!:)