'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Thursday, 15 July 2010

No news....

Well Lee has heard nothing regarding the job, so I think that's that, move on to the next whatever that is how much more do we have to go through!!!....... can't load any photos from this computer! even though I have a computer boffin hubby (so he tells me), so its only words.
Haven't done much in the creative stakes this week, must rectify that..... Ciao


  1. Keep hope and don't despair.. .who knows what will turn up. All will be well soon. Hugs Jo x

  2. What can I say except how sorry I am, you would think they would have the decency to write to Lee to let him know one way or the other.
    Chin up and stay positive, I know it must be hard.
    Pat xx

  3. Never let go of your hope Olive. And keep ya chin up...sending bloggy hugs x x

  4. So sorry that things are so difficult a the moment but something good will come along. How do I know that? Because something good and funny, something that I thought would never happen again, happened this week. So i hope a new job for Lee and a more hopeful future for you both are just around the corner. sue x