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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bat those eyelashes.....

No these aren't for me, even though I did use to wear false eyelashes in another life! It was the Victoria Stampers workshop yesterday and these are going to be embellishments on the item I am making (keeping it a secret til its done)... as always had a fab day, lots of chat, fun and exchange of ideas... visited the charity shop and got some bits to craft with. My crafty friend Sueq was also there, she now has a blog so please go visit her as she is a talented and quirky lady. Ciao

Just got a mention on Paul O'Grady's radio show - fame at last!!!!:)


  1. Whatever have you been doing to get a mention on the Paul O'Grady show, the mind boggles, lol. xx

  2. The mind boggles! So sorry I missed the workshop and now I can't wait to see your end result. Have signed up to Sueq and added her to my list..
    Love Jo x

  3. Hmmm - I'm intrigued about those eyelashes.

    And what you been up to - getting a mention on the the show????? x x

  4. lol cool!!! See you on Tuesday for lunch?

  5. So can't wait to see what the lashes are for. Love your new background to the blog very retro. See you Saturday? x c

  6. hi all....

    I only answered a query from a listener re a film, nothing outstanding.
    My eyelashes are being placed and more to follow.
    C U at Journalling on Sat. xxx