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Monday, 12 July 2010

Journalling on Saturday.....

Journal class was on Saturday and not Sunday, which was confusing, anyway 2 great ladies full of fun were able to come along, BezzieSue and Sandra, so we could all catch up on what is going on in their busy lives. The lovely Pat brought along her Granddaughter Isobel, a lovely young lady extremely gifted in the art department (and many other ways I'm sure). It was also great to see Ann back with us, looking well. I brought a rhubarb & apple crumble to the party (with cream!) and actually managed to bring some back home so other half was lucky and actually had some for tea!

These are the 2 pages I managed to get started, needless to say more to do, never seem to finish a page, but who cares, its all about the doing...... Kate (the Kathryn Wheel) brought along some great Golden paints called Interference Colors (American spelling!!) and the girls loved using them... give a great sheen/highlight on the pages.. more crafting stuff to buy! Thanks to Dy.......
As I post this we still have no news on Lee's prospects, so still feeling sick. Ciao


  1. Great pages, sounds like you had a great day, as ever!
    Still Cosmic Ordering for Lee.... he'll get there and you'll get another house, just be patient and calm.
    Jo x

  2. I am sure you will hear soon!!

    Fab pages glad you had a good day

  3. Oh, sorry there's still no news, but think positive thoughts, ha, easier said than done, I know. Love the pages, particularly the first one, I could just eat those there buns. xx

  4. What a long drawn out process for you and Lee, My heart is with you, I know you're anxious Olive, keep on keeping on (in the words of Nolan Porter!)
    On a happier note - I'm loving the journal pages! And I didn't get to try any of your crumble! I got so absorbed in what I was doing, I forgot to get some after lunch! x x

  5. Your journal page looks fab :-)
    Sorry that you still have no news on the job front .....
    p.s. the crumble was delish!