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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Did I mention I also lurve scarves!!!!!

I met my crafty buddy Suezq in Liverpool for a little ! retail therapy in Liverpool yesterday.... as always had a great time with plenty of laughs. We did buy some crafting stuff and then went to explore Bold Street, a great place for independent & eclectic shops. I found 2 gorgeous scarves which I had to have, one has bling, the other Skulls.... that was Suezq's fault, she found that one!! We were treated to lunch by her lovely son Paul, so went to SOUL CAFE. Had a couple of hours in there, visited more shops and then went back to Suezq for a little crafting session. I think Sue may rethink that next time.... I had bought some paint pens by Viva and thought I would try one. Big Mistake!!!!! I couldn't get the paint out, squeezed a bit to hard and..... paint went everywhere... me, table, Sue's new purchases and across the room! We eventually got the mess cleared up and then... I broke some handle thingys off one of her storage boxes containing acrylic dabbers......... I gave up after that. But she didnt ask me to leave straight away, I stayed for another few hours and Sue brought me back home. She probably did that to make sure I got back in one piece:) As I said great day, the next one will be at mine where Sue can throw paint and break things if she wants!!!!



  1. hmm i have been wanting to try them viva paint pens... maybe i will skip them instead LOL

  2. Thanks Honey, I had a fab time, you cheered me up no end, and there's not a sign of any artistic exploration with the Viva pens :0) I must just add that all the other pens worked a treat. Creative juices are running again, and I'm art journaling. Sue x

  3. Sounds like a fun day, wish I had been there. You need to watch viva pens when the weather is hot as they melt when used on your crafting.
    Pat xx

  4. Scarves look very you! And Viva pens??? Are you saying don't buy them? Have to confess to having a bit of a chuckle at your...shall we say gracelessness re the paint squiting all over and breaking her storage box...poor Sue! x x

  5. No Sandra... the pens are fine, its just me!!!!!!

  6. Love the skulls scarf (but don't let Dyan see it as she'll probably pinch it to go with her skull bandana!)