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Monday, 28 February 2011

More Cards!!!!!....

Why do people insist on having birthdays on the same day....no consideration for anyone!!!! The skeleton card is for my son who is getting to the great age of 28 next week, (the other is a surprise)actually he acts like 82 sometimes.......I used a resist technique, put them on backing paper did a few squiggles and there you are. Ciao

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Time flies.....

I cannot believe that I haven't posted since Wednesday!!!!! All the days seem to merge into one and next week I'm out everyday with meetings, classes and general mucking about....... Will definitely have to pull my socks up and do some art, I have birthdays, ATC and I haven't even got started on my preparation for a class.... help. Just breathe Olive it will be ok. Ciao

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Well.... theres not much going on here. The circular things are a cut up cardboard tube I'm going to use for making circles, the packets at the front are the new shapes from Wendy Vecchi and the rest are elements for altering. I don't seem to be getting much done at the moment as I've got a few classes on the go, some to do with crafting, web design another is about running a community facility as I am Secretary of our local Residents Association. Plus I have a few ideas that I'm chasing at the moment which (I hope) will come to fruition but it will probably take a while...... Happy WOYWW everyone. If you are new to this please see my right hand side bar and join in the fun.... Ciao

Monday, 21 February 2011

Padgate.....play day.

Here we are on Sunday doing our own 'thang' at Padgate Community Centre.... there was a mixture of jewellery making, stamping, sewing and plenty of chat and catching up.

Jayne (seen kneeling) organises the day, cooks food (you can bring your own) and make sure everyone is ok. I brought a friend along with me and all the girls made here extremely welcome. I expected nothing less... they are a great bunch and travel some ways to get to the venue. Its open to all, so if you fancy a change get in touch and come along......Ciao

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Goodies from a fab site......

Just received a great package from a fabulous site called The Fruit Pixie.... They have a great pound section, certainly worth a visit. Ciao

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Here's what's on my desk this week..... I'm doing some research for a commission and am looking at clothes designs. So these are very basic designs to give me a start point..... If you want to join in the mad mayhem of looking a crafting areas around the globe, have a look at my the WOYWW logo on my sidebar and join the fun. I'm sure Julia would love to have you in her gang! Ciao

Monday, 14 February 2011

Look what I got........

Look what the Postman brought me today..... an amazing gift from an equally amazing lady. As she had missed my birthday this generous person made and sent me this beautiful picture which is hanging up in my house.
It never ceases to amaze me how giving crafters are of their time and spirit, not to mention talent, to others. The amazing lady in question is Pat of Patscrafts (please see my side bar of blogs I follow). I read on her blog she was making something for someone, but I was gobsmacked to find out I was the recepient, I actually left a comment wishing it would be me/ Little did I know. Perhaps if you do wish hard enough they do come true. This isn't the collages final resting place, I put it here as I wanted a quick photo so I could show it off to all, it has a better hanging place, where I can see it everyday whilst at the dinner table. Thank you doesn't seem sufficient to say how I feel, but I'm sure Pat knows. Ciao

Saturday, 12 February 2011

At last.......

At last I've actually found these journals at Castle Hill Crafts and ordered 2. The paper is a mixture for all types of media.
Well more news... I sold a piece of work sometime ago and I have been asked to make a companion for it. Isn't that great..... all I have to do is decide on style, media etc. Ciao

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I might not be able to comment on WOYWW for a couple of days, as I am leaving for a night or two, as we are having new outside doors fitted. As I don't want to be here for the mess or noise I am taking Mollie (my dog) and going to stay with family.... and annoy them instead!!!!! Leaving OH to cope and clean the mess, which is a better idea I think, don't you.......????????? Ciao


Heres what's on my desk today..... a card for a friend, work from a class last Saturday and a few containers for embellishments. If you want to join us on a voyage around crafters' desks, please see my side bar for WOYWW. Ciao

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


On Saturday I was Vicky Stampers, the cards on the right are some of the examples of the resist technique we did. The other goodies are from crafty friend Jo. Jo was lucky enough to go to CHA (see sidebar Jozart) and she didn't forget her fellow crafters' back home. I got the fabby colourful Little Yellow Bicycle bag, Sharpie pens and a skull laptop cover (actually bought from pound shop... its ace). Jo is so generous to think of us whilst enjoying herself...... maybe one day I'll get there!!! better hurry up time isn't on my side!! LOL. Hugs

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its Sunday....

Well I actually got out yesterday for a whole day! It was Vicky Stampers at Rainhill so I was determined to be fit for that. The lovely Gill gave us a techniques class on resist methods, which was very informative and fun and as I don't us this technique I'm definitely going to have a go.....
We also have ATC swaps, so this was mine. Of course the theme was 'lurve' so I used a felt heart I had made and added a few bits to a card and away we went.
I cannot believe how tired I am after this bout of 'flu, I've never been so poorly but I'm having a hard time getting better. Ciao