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Monday, 14 February 2011

Look what I got........

Look what the Postman brought me today..... an amazing gift from an equally amazing lady. As she had missed my birthday this generous person made and sent me this beautiful picture which is hanging up in my house.
It never ceases to amaze me how giving crafters are of their time and spirit, not to mention talent, to others. The amazing lady in question is Pat of Patscrafts (please see my side bar of blogs I follow). I read on her blog she was making something for someone, but I was gobsmacked to find out I was the recepient, I actually left a comment wishing it would be me/ Little did I know. Perhaps if you do wish hard enough they do come true. This isn't the collages final resting place, I put it here as I wanted a quick photo so I could show it off to all, it has a better hanging place, where I can see it everyday whilst at the dinner table. Thank you doesn't seem sufficient to say how I feel, but I'm sure Pat knows. Ciao


  1. What a beautiful gift! I've missed several of your posts so I'll go now and become updated. Have a wonderful weekend XO

  2. Wow, aren't you lucky?! I saw this on Pat's blog. Happy belated birthday!