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Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I might not be able to comment on WOYWW for a couple of days, as I am leaving for a night or two, as we are having new outside doors fitted. As I don't want to be here for the mess or noise I am taking Mollie (my dog) and going to stay with family.... and annoy them instead!!!!! Leaving OH to cope and clean the mess, which is a better idea I think, don't you.......????????? Ciao


  1. It's a great idea to clear off and leave someone else to clear up the mess LOL!

  2. lol you rotter hehe, have a nice time
    hugs June x

  3. Well done, a girl after my own heart, think it is a brill idea hope you have a peaceful 2 days.
    You still haven't answered my question, are you going to be at AFTH on Sunday? xx

  4. thank you ladies for your support, as you can see I managed to get my computer sorted out at my son's......
    Pat: unfortunately the answer is no, money is tight too say the least. xxx