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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Its Sunday....

Well I actually got out yesterday for a whole day! It was Vicky Stampers at Rainhill so I was determined to be fit for that. The lovely Gill gave us a techniques class on resist methods, which was very informative and fun and as I don't us this technique I'm definitely going to have a go.....
We also have ATC swaps, so this was mine. Of course the theme was 'lurve' so I used a felt heart I had made and added a few bits to a card and away we went.
I cannot believe how tired I am after this bout of 'flu, I've never been so poorly but I'm having a hard time getting better. Ciao


  1. Glad you managed to get out and do some crafting love your ATC.
    Will we be seeing you at Art Journaling next Sunday?
    Flu takes some getting over I know I have had full blown flu a few times when you just couldn't get out of bed for anything.
    Take care P xx

  2. Pat, I dont think I will be.... shortage of cash!!!!!! You will have to let us know how Isabel gets on at college.... hugs xxxx

  3. Gorgeous piece Olive. Sorry to hear you've been so poorly, but glad you're on the mend. It does take ages to get back to normal after flu. xx

  4. Love the heart (which by the way is my favorite shape) Glad to hear that in spite of feeling tired you were able to go out and start creating again. Hope you are feeling better now XO