'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

More added to page & I'm sorry Ann...!!!!!!

Well I've added more images to the journal page I made at AFTH last week.... trying to keep a positive attitude at present with all thats going on for some reason made me think of houses, roofs being open and positive or negative vibes going out through the openings... bit barmy but it describes exactly how life is at the moment (or isn't depending where you are standing)... The images are Dy's Journal Ephemera pages (original set).

Now to apologies to Ann.... yes another book and its good. Has some splendid ideas, very straight forward, practical with good photos... I can't get enough of craft books and there seems to be quite a few new ones on all sorts of subjects coming out later this year. Already in my basket...... along with a few others:) Ah well we can always just have bread and butter!!! Ciao

Apparently, nothing has been decided regarding the job...... so we've been told, will see. xx


  1. I do so love your creativity - and the fact that you can turn even your negative energy into something wonderful. Keep strong Olive! x

  2. Love the journal page. The use of the houses is soo creative - love the opening roof! Kate