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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bling... Butler & Wilson

Look what gorgeousness came through the letterbox.... Butler & Wilson bracelet. As you know I have a thing for skulls, so seeing this delectable item I had to have it... the skulls are enamelled, covered with crystals and the crosses have crystals sent in the shape. Its divine, to die for. Butler & Wilson make the most exquisite jewellery and are collectors items.
We now have leak in the kitchen from the bathroom... life is a joy!
Still awaiting news re Lee and job..... Ciao


  1. fab bracelet!! everything leaks here we just have learned not to put anything that it can damage near it!!

  2. OMG your new blog background really woke me up.
    Bracelet is fab.
    We had a leak from our bathroom a couple of months ago, it must be doing the rounds.
    See you on Tuesday.
    Hugs Pat x

  3. WOW that was a surprise!!! Well i really feel like i,m going dotty. Lol The bracelet is so you, as it has it all skulls, colour and not forgetting the bling!!!!
    sorry you haven't heard anything about Lee's job but i still have everything crossed (maybe that's why i keep falling over)Lol
    Sorry to hear about your leak. I hope it's ok now.
    We had a on going leak from our bathroom shower right into our living room, it even brought part of the ceiling down, all over the christmas and New year. Take care looking forward to seeing you soon'0)

  4. ooooh mine mine mine, lol see you Saturday babe xxx