'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Reality check.....

I was getting ready this morning to head out to Liverpool to be with my 'crafty' girlfriends, when my phone rang...... my life has now stalled again. My other half rang to let me know that he would be out of a job next week..... so the house we were going to move to will go to someone else, Mollie will not have a garden to sit out in and I won't have my Arbor to sit under and create... So now we are back where we were, no worse off in that we still have a roof over our heads, albeit not the one we liked and we will be kept again by our welfare state.... I was supposed to have gone for a job interview tomorrow but I got a phone call telling me that the job was being put on 'hold' I just laughed ... what can you do. I still went and met my lovely girls, had a great time, they gave me their support and we laughed at everything. Better things on the way do you think?? Ciao


  1. Oh Olive i wish I could change things for you. All I can say is that it's meant to be and there will be something better........ When you get there you will realise that the pattern was set in advance and it will all work out right. I wish you well but hope it's sooner rather than later,
    hugs Jo x

  2. Thinking of you Olive. Tough days for you but keep positive. Hugs x x

  3. Sorry to hear your bad news :-(
    Yeah, keep positive - the only way is up.
    Kate x

  4. oh bum... life can be a <*bleep*> sometimes, but indeed - keep laughing and believing that better things are on the way. I believe laughter is like glue; good things stick to it :-) Just catching up as connection on the boat is <*there's that bleep again*> so I rarely get to blog-surf these days :-( xxx