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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Yellow for a change.... but then there's always pink!

As always we had a blast at AFTH on Sunday... what would I do without those nutty ladies to see me through what has been a strange and difficult week (no change there then!) lots of laughs, chocolate cake (made by yours truly), buckets of tea. Our challenge was to pick a colour, find as many shades as we could from magazines, use paints and away we go. I picked yellow for a change, something really bright to cheer me up. Trying to find paints/inks in yellow is quite a challenge, so I used gold as well... can't really see much with this photo. Great day, pity the rain threw it down on the journey back home, but after such an enjoyable day who cares!
A crafty friend Clare who was also at journalling class, made me the gorgeous pink brooch, (photo above), to cheer me up... people are so kind, their generosity knows no bounds. Thanks chuck. Ciao


  1. Looking good to me kid. Been to AFTH today, have a fabulous day and even going again next week, feeling much better. thanks for your lovely comments. Should make the next art journal class, fingers crossed which is probably on 11 July

  2. Your yellow page looks fab and surprisingly cheery considering what you have been through in the last week. Sunday was a blast as usual and your chocolate cake was completely delish and much appreciated :-)

  3. Just stopping by to say hello. Glad you had fun with your friends. Love the brooch! XO