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Friday, 18 June 2010

More!!!!! What a feast..........

Yes more books.... on journalling. When I was in America I saw "The Journey is the Destination" in Barnes & Noble but for some reason didn't purchase it... but reading so much about Dan Eldon and how his journals influenced others I bought a copy. Really worth it..... a young man who died tragically and so young. These books are feast for the eyes.
The other feast was yesterday, Thursday, when I had been fortunate enough to be invited to a crafty friends house with other crafty friends for lunch. I think lunch is an understatement...... we had 3 courses of the most delicious food, with 3 desserts (yes 3) to die for.... we could have all done with a long walk but instead opted for sitting out in the sun (some of us under shade) feeling full and content. The weather was magnificent, the company was stimulating and the food....... yummmy!!!!!!!!! That's the best kind of day to have..... I am truly blessed. Thank you ladies and fellow nut cases. Ciao


  1. Olive, stop telling me about books, I've got enough! Yes,it was a fantastic day yesterday, really enjoyed it, Pat is a generous host.

  2. olive I am going to dy's on thursday my email is not working at the moment hense this message. I need to leave 7.45 if you would like a lift just let me know. x c ps those books look great.

  3. Hi Christine
    I wont be able to come on Thursday, thanks anyway. Have a great day..... Ciao