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Monday, 9 July 2012

A little something I made.....

 I made this fascinator for a garden party I attended last Thursday, took about half an hour.
 It became an indoor garden party due to our glorious English summer!!!!!!
 I already had the base for the hat and wondered what I could use to decorate it..... for a few weeks I have been cutting roses from the garden and hanging them to dry.  The colours of the roses really faded, so I decided to use 'real' flowers.
With a hot glue gun, pair of scissors, ribbon and embellishment,  I made a start and this was the end result.  To keep the fascinator in place I glued it to a silver headband.  It was comfortable and I wore it all afternoon.  The photo doesn't do the colours of the hat justice, not sure what I will do with it now.... Ciao


  1. Hi Olive,
    Great to see you back on track and creating wonderful stuff. Fab idea using your dried roses for your fascinator., I bet it was a real hit too.
    hope to see you soon, love Jo x

  2. Hi Olive, I thought you'd like the link to Donna's blog where she has added a link to a video about using the Pogo Printer artistically. I think it's great and I really think you will too!
    I can't wait to try out the techniques used there.
    Hope you are well and happy. I'm just waiting for my family to arrive from Germany... DH has gone to collect them at Manchester airport.... woo hoo!
    Love Jo x

  3. Love the fascinator Olive, hope things are going ok for you, x