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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Guardian Angel.......

 Heres my Guardian Angel...... she sits in my car and looks after me.  I think I needed one after the problems I had. She whispers in my ear and keeps me safe.
 This is her back, I made her wings from a heart punch and added black pearls.  She is painted metallic gold hence the reflection.
She has a little hat instead of hair made from transparent flowers, a matching wand and wears a skull and crossbone necklace with matching cummerbund.   Ciao


  1. Wonderful idea to have a guardian angel for the car :) Love the skull cummerband Pxx

  2. She is so cute! Can you take off the word verification in your settings, 4 attempts to post a comment, doing my head in.

  3. Well I hope she is doing her job really well!
    Love Jo x