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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Trees .... Olive Style 2009

Well here it is... a recycled, eco-friendly Christmas Tree! We used bamboo canes (from the garden), tied together with wire, wound the lights (2nd hand) round the tree, then hung decorations (many years old) on the wires.. put a star on the top. I think it looks cool and I'm not sure how many carbon footsteps we saved!
there nothing like being different, so it goes well with this household! Ciao


  1. Wow Olive, this is beautiful, so creative, I love it.

  2. hi Olive - just got around to checking your blog for the tree and i love it ;o)
    hope you have had a happy christmas.
    ate the remains of the choc orange marquee cake for days after the last class, it was yummy. Happy new year whilst I'm here. Bezzie Su xx