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Friday, 4 December 2009

Blonde Moments ..... and Robins!

Here are my designs for Christmas cards 2010, using Blonde Moments papers and stamps, used coloured paints to make baubles, stamp for sentiment and table confetti stars stuck on ...... the pictures make them look a bit brighter. Anyway thats what friends and family are getting. Some are already winging their way around the globe to various friends, sent with love. I miss them but they are always in my heart and i laugh at the things we got up to. On to Robins now...when walking back from town yesterday, I was privileged to watch a Robin having a bath in a puddle, having a great time. I felt as though everything had stopped and i was lost in another world...... i didnt even feel cold! I've seen several Robins today which is great, perhaps a good portent for 2010, better times ahead. Ciao


  1. Robins! My favorite bird! I love it when they come and bathe in our birdbath, just like you, I stop in my tracks and just watch xx

    PD. I LOVE your cards!

  2. aww they look fab babe..KTF xx