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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Japanese Book....... or hanger!

Had a great day at Rainhill Stampers on Saturday, this is what we all made. It took some concentrating and repeating of instructions, poor Neet must have been exhausted! It was fun, different and a challenge. A good friend of mine called Sue, I haven't known her long so I hope I can call her friend, came along as well for the first time and really enjoyed herself, phew glad of that. It is always difficult when you invite someone to a group or whatever whether they will also find it as exciting/fun as you do. All you have is hope... that's all we can do. As always the Group made us feel at home as we are still newbies! Crafters are generous with their time, experience and supplies, long may that be.......Ciao


  1. Yes! it was a good day and you made a great result of the project. Love having you and Sue with us in the group and look forward to next time.
    Jo x

  2. Looks like you had a great time, fantastic project.
    Pat xx

  3. What a beautiful project, sounds as though you thoroughly enjoyed it. xx