'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Monday, 1 March 2010

Crafting... therapy... tea and cake

Here is the finished piece...the collage was made for Dyan for her upcoming birthday. I really enjoyed making this .. lots of papers, an original Olive's Petit Doll, with embellishments. As I had some mdf in the cupboard I used that for the base. It was Journalling Sunday at AFTH yesterday and a great time was had... plenty of cake (i took a chocolate with cream one) the lovely Clare brought cake(s) as it's her birthday this coming Friday, the same day as my son's... the tea was flowing, lots of laughs and stories. Who needs to pay for therapy when you have a place like this to go to and just talk..... Life is still difficult in 'Olive's Place' but I can forget about it all here, have a moan, the girls listen (I think they do!) give advice, get more tea and away we go.... I feel really blessed on days like these.. as well as exhausted, but its worth it.... especially sitting in the car for one & half hours each way..... hubby takes me, goes off and does his thing (with computers) and picks me up. Perfick!!!!!! Ciao


  1. Wow, Olive, love the petite doll, it's fantastic. I bet Dy loved it. Beautiful. xx

  2. Love your work Olive :-) and I think tea and chatter makes everything alright! A little thing for you to take part in over at mine, if you fancy :-) x