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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sunday Journalling.... on a Wednesday!

We had Sunday Journalling on a Wednesday (could only happen 'up North') which was great fun.... we were given the challenge of picking a letter, thinking of a word and then off we went. As you can see I got 'B'. I actually painted the letter itself, used inks, pens stuck it to my page (paints and Blonde Moments stamps) and used the front of a birthday card a friend had sent me.... yes it was the glittery shoes at the top, just thought they were the business... it was interesting to see what the other talented ladies did with their letters...... the lovely Pat brought cake, but unfortunately it had nuts in it so I couldn't have a piece.. boo hoo! the lovely Chris offered me a piece of Betty's Stem Ginger cake, but opening it for 1 seemed a bit silly..... so I suffered!!!! The new shop is great, so light, warm and inviting... cant wait for the next trip... robbing a bank comes to mind!! Ciao


  1. Fantastic page Olive, love the shoes and the vibrant colours you've used. Hope you are well, seems ages since I've seen you. xx

  2. Thats totally fab!!! bloody MoT wish it hadnt run out without me noticing!! Will you be at the preview day?

  3. This page is sooooooooooooo gorgeous, I loved it when you were working on it but now it's finished I love it even more so much work. It looks very Indian to go with the pointed glittery shoes.
    Sorry about the cake will remember for next time.
    Hugs Pat xx

  4. thank you ladies...
    Clare wont be at the preview day, have fun.
    Ann we are ok, Lee is now working!!!! more money for books and crafts!!!