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Monday, 24 May 2010

Added a little something.....

I decided to add a little something to a friend's book bra as the ribbon looked so lonely..... we have put in for a house, we are just waiting for all the usual paraphernalia (OOH) to be cleared and hopefully we will move later in June, so my get together in St Ives with some other girlfriends looks to be a no go! ah well will try later in the year.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, the weather was fantastic to say the least... I was a flag marshall (yes you read correctly) at Oulton Park Car Race Circuit in Cheshire.. it was a Vintage Car Meeting and was tremendous fun... I got to wave the yellow flag (obstacle on course/car spun/watch out, I think!) a few times and the red flag to stop a race.... trouble was, no shade so even with sunscreen I burnt... we had on heavy, special clothes, boots, safety stuff (whew) so I was in over heat mode... so I am sunburnt on my face from the eyes down (hat on) forearms and front of my neck... so sexy dont you think? Anyway had an amazing time with my son, former hubby, my other half stayed at home and looked after the dogs and changed the oil on the car!!! he thought that more exciting than coming out with us!! Hoping to be flag marshall again at the Bentley meeting at Silverstone in August.... bring on the sexy gear!! Ciao

PS My Readers Share story is on Crescendoh.com this week, so please pay a visit.... dont be shy in leaving comments..


  1. Just wanted to say I love your piece on Creschendo and thankyou for your lovely comments about me and my studio. xx

  2. Just visited Crescendoh and read your entry. You've had quite an interesting life :0) Hope your sunburn is better XX

  3. Hi Olive, I have just read your story on Crescendoh and was moved to tears - it must have been such a wrench for you to leave your little boy but you have both survived and come out the other end, probably stronger for it...and as for the blonde and pink hair - you go girl!!!! .xox.

  4. Hi Olive, I have just read your story on Crescendoh, and like the previous commentator, was moved to tears, partly because it also resonates with my own story, and my children. I am my children did come through the bad times, and yes, I believe we are stronger, but I think you can never forget, just accept that at the time it was the only way forward.
    Good luck - your work is amazing.

  5. I'm amazed at your story, lots of sadness but some happiness too, and you've come out the other side stronger and knowing who you are. A wonderful achievement Olive.
    PS sent you an email too! x x