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Friday, 7 May 2010

And the news is......

Does this picture give you a clue?????? the message I got was from the wonderful Jenny Doh. I have been asked to do a Readers Share for her online community CRESCENDOh.com. So I have written (or should I say typed) a few! words and will be sending it off this weekend. I have got to find some photos of my work to send with the article. Not sure when it will be posted, but sometime. I'm still in shock that anyone especially Jenny, would ask for my story, but I am so honoured to have been asked. If my words can help anyone in some way I will be thrilled beyond belief and if they make people laugh even better....... Ciao


  1. holy cr....err..... yeah!!! thats awesome news!!!!! congratz!!!!

  2. Congratz, as Clare says awsome news where do we get a copy from?
    Are you at the Mad Hatters tea-party this weekend? I'm going on Sunday bad throat and headache allowing.
    Hugs Pat xx

  3. Way to go! Congrats! xx (your words will help AND will bring laughter as well :0)

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  5. I will try again!!!! thanks ladies, must have something to offer.

    Pat: it will be online at Crescendoh.com and I will blog when I know.... sorry you're not well, I wont be going either, as we are looking at houses..... I will keep my money til next weekend and I will wear my hat!!!! xxx