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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Vintage finds....... buttons & bows ...

Wednesday was a fun day out.... my crafty friend Suzq picked me up and off we went into Cheshire to do a 'little' shopping for vintage supplies. We weren't disappointed. We found cabinet cards, vintage buttons, postcards, ribbons, empty containers, books and my prize ... an American Cigar Box! I nearly had a fit when I found it perched on a top shelf, I think I gave Sue a heart attack I shouted so loud. It was such an amazing day, even the rain didn't spoil how great I felt.... trouble is the other half is making noises about the bank balance.... I'm bothered, don't think so. Of course we had the obligatory coffee and cake. We were out for hours, came home, split some of our finds and Sue toddled off home with a big smile on her face, hope she didn't get lost on the roundabouts! Of course, we are going to do it again........ Ciao


  1. You're funny Olive! I bet you made the shop owner jump out of his skin shouting out like that let alone your friend! Your shopping spree looks to have produced some great finds. x x