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Monday, 10 May 2010

Yippee... will it change my life?

Just a quick post today. I have just found out that my Reader's Share story will be published on the Crescendoh website the week of the 24th May.... so it will be interesting to see what readers think of my story (if they think of it at all!).
Been looking for houses to rent, total waste of time! when I got there I was told the owners didn't want pets and they had said that in their tennant specification... wonderful! having a real headache trying to find something that meets hubby's needs... have to keep plodding on. Apparently, people are renting not buying so its a harder market. And I ain't giving up my dog for ANYONE!!!! so there.... Ciao


  1. Best of luck house hunting, hope you find something soon.I agree with you I wouldn't give up my dogs for anyone.
    Will we see you on Sunday?
    Hugs Pat xx

  2. Yes Pat I will be there with bells on! Maybe we should stay here........ Ciao

  3. House hunting is never easy but I'm sure you'll find a great place suitable for all three of you :0) Thank you for the lovely sentiment left at my Blog. It really made my day XX (good luck on your publication)

  4. Well done you being selected for publication. hope I get to see it. Hope you don't move to far when you find a house. Good luck.
    jo x