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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Well here's another one.....

Tried to upload this image yesterday, but the computer didn't like it! (got to me a male one).... more like Dina's style which I like with the cut outs. I'm so busy looking at houses I feel totally drained. The thought of having to move all my crafting supplies into boxes then out again is giving me panic attacks!.. no doubt it will all come out in the wash, as they say. We have been accepted for the tenancy of one house, but I'm off to see another later this afternoon in case we have problems with that one. Whatever happens I will have to get a job (boo) to help pay the bills, thats if I can find one, its still bad out there! Don't know what landlords have against pets is beyond me, they are less destructive than children and on the whole do as they are told. Both houses have gardens which is great for Mollie, but there will never be enough room for all my clutter, plus other half's 3 or is 4 computers! Ciao


  1. Luv the people and the background in fact the whole page. x C

  2. OOh I like this page very much. I spot the Dina influence! Good luck with the house. Kate x