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Monday, 4 March 2013

Where have I been????

I have been around, but somehow seem to be non-creative at the moment.....I have done the odd card but seem to be in a blank space, if that makes sense.
I had a really bad dose of something nasty and it has really laid me low, I have no energy and get tired quickly.  Whilst all this has been going on I've booked a trip to Australia for September to see friends (OH doesn't want to come along, more spends for me!) So that's all booked and paid for.  Its the New York trip in 10 days, so amazing. Wishes do come true.
I'm trying to do something different every month, April is looking quiet, but you never know.  May is filled up already with jaunts etc. Got to seek other adventures, there are plenty to be had in this big world.
Just finishing a cuppa and deciding have I got the energy to move from the sofa!!!!    Ciao


  1. Sorry to hear you've been laid low. How exciting to be going to New York though!!!!! Lucky Gal. Have a great trip and bring back lots of photos to share :) And if you're free in April, come to VS! It's my turn to lead a workshop and I'm doing art journalling which i know you love turning your hand to. Might bring back your creative mojo. lol. Take care. Pxxxxxx

  2. Nice to hear from you Olive. You're not alone in the 'non-creative' group at the moment. Seems to be affecting a lot of us. Take care, x

  3. Hi Olive, thank you for your lovely comment over at mine... I am so happy to hear you are off to New York and Australia this year! That sounds very exciting and I'm so glad that your wishes are coming true... I hope this is a fab year for you. You are right in what you said, all us creative folk seem to have this deep sense to travel... I'm just going with it these days. Hope you are well xxx