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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Generosity of spirit......

Matilda stands guard over my pots outside in the garden... she is an angel and as an angel she has generosity of spirit, which I am finding a lack of at the moment.
I wonder sometimes is it me?  I have encountered a couple of occasions recently where I did not feel totally welcome by some of the group.   I find this mystifying.  OK i have pink hair, laugh out loud and am passionate about certain things, but does that make me different, unapproachable not to be made welcome?  I have always tried to make anyone coming into a group for the first time as comfortable and as welcome (gushing even!!) as is possible.  That is so important as they have made the first step and it is up to other members/people to engage with them and make the situation comfortable.  I have to say that I am finding this lacking in places....
It is so hard to go into an established group and find your place, there is always some sort of politics/structure in place.  I know this only too well as I have to make new friends all my life,  I have been on the move from 6 weeks old!  and when you get to my age of 60 you would think that it was easier, believe me it isn't......  and it makes me feel sad.  If people think that I am intimidating in some way, they should meet some of my friends in the art world they would be in for a shock!!!  Life is difficult enough at the moment, all my energy is focused and I don't have any extra trying to put up with others
negativity/jealousy or any other thought they may have.  So, the challenge is to make people feel welcome.  It takes very little to give generosity of spirit to those around us.  If you have a kind soul I'm sure you will find a way.   Ciao

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  1. I find that hard to believe Olive, maybe they are just not ready for the breath of fresh air that you are. I know what you mean though and I am sensitive to things like this xx