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Thursday, 17 November 2011

My thing.......

This has been on my table for sometime.... it was to be Halloween, then Day of the Dead, but ....
As most of you know out there I have a fascination for skulls so I decided to make an altered box.
I bought cheap plastic skulls, painted white, then used glitter paint, red paint and any embellishments....
The small skeletons, are for a doll's house (you can get anything if you look hard enough), red silk hearts & paper ones from wrapping paper with vellum making the backgrounds.
I cut a skeleton in half and after sticking the body half in a box., I decided to put the legs under some hearts...... just to be different.
I had a blast with this, for me there isn't enough of 'quirky' in the crafting world, unless I'm not looking in the right places (perhaps other bloggers can leave links to weird and wonderful!!). Some will like this piece, others won't but I do hope that it gives food for thought...
The brain is a marvellous tool, we don't use it as we should. Imagination is a wonderous gift, we don't use that as we should...as it says "CREATE".... Ciao


  1. Well I love it, a great piece of work. Hope you're keeping well xx

  2. That is just skulltastic, spooktastic and fantastic too! Love it.
    Don't forget that we must go to the Alice exhibition too so you can also fit in the Walker for Lily and Matisse! Set a date before it's too late!
    Hugs Jo x

  3. I like it Olive, I am not into skulls the same way as you, but I do think it is nice. It's a great feeling doing something you love, I just hate the part when you realise you have finished and there is nothing more to do on it. I think for me, it is more about the process than the end result. Beverley xx

  4. Thanks for a lovely day out gallery snooping! Despite the rain it was a really good day. Looking forward to SAturday now!
    Jo x