'Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us' Anon

Friday, 30 October 2009


I thought this blogging stuff was supposed to be easy! I dont think so! Anyway I'm here, got a fantastic header which is so theatrical and so me..... I LURVE it. Its from a cool site, if you look on my header you will see the button to the site. Throughly recommend it. I'm so excited, I'm shaking all over (there's a lot to shake)... still cant believe I've done it.

It was a great learning curve helped along by my computer savvy (he says) hubby and my gorgeous Collie dog, Mollie, giving us (me) her help by interrupting every now and then for a stroke! Cant ignore Mollie!

I'm now going to have a cup of hot, earl grey tea (al la Captain Jean Luc Picard) and calm down...which I find impossible when so excited. You can see I dont have much in my life, so sad. Ciao


  1. Wow, love the backgrounds, will have to take a visit and see what I can get. Well done girl, I knew you could do it. Can't wait to see some of your work, and I love your biog. As you say ciao for now. xx

  2. Welcoming to the world of blogging! what a fabulous background/header! I shall very much look forward to your ramblings. I too love to ramble, so I'm sure I will love it here. As for Mollie, I permanently have a collie (well, bit of a cross really) either on my feet, on my lap or trying to put her head on my keyboard - I understand entirely :-) Happy blogging!

  3. Hey there girlie girl. My blog is my therapy, lol. I think the trick is to forget that anyone ever reads it and then you can be soooooo real. I think that once you get in the swing you will be hooked..!!!
    Your header is so cool, love it. KTF xxx