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Sunday, 28 November 2010

A little card.....

Here's the card for out lovely tutor, Vicky for making our course so interesting.....I thought the baubles would add a festive touch. The stamp used is Hearts from Stampotique with a little bling (you know how I love my bling)..... and a plain insert for folks to write on. Not sure how I'm going to get the card in the envelope! perhaps make a package instead.
My posting could be somewhat haphazard for the next weeks.. as I am outside the home doing stuff, but I have finished my 'Barbie' wreath (colour give you a clue!), also made a traditional one (my interpretation) for a present and still working on cards. Oh yes, I have my alternate Christmas tree in the planning. Though to be honest it isn't as alternative as last years, but we are even shorter on space this year, how you can fill up a house is scary. So in this really cold weather (its still -1 at 12.30apm, yes I know its even colder in other parts of the world, been there ,done that) keep safe and warm..... Ciao


  1. Fab card, have just ordered that stamp too!

  2. Dear Olive, you made lovely card! I try to think my Christmas cards...but no inspiration this year...
    Love Teje

  3. Very creative card, love that Stampotique stamp, I have that one too. suggest you make a box for the card.
    Pat xx