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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Son's Christmas card......

What kind of card to make my son? Stampotique was the answer. With a bit of glitter card, gold card and tiny red hearts I was sorted. He loved it!
The weather here is great if you don't want to go anywhere, the trees are looking great dressed in white snow, but the cold is aching , I'm wearing 5 pairs of socks! Mollie (our dog) is also loving the snow, but it's not deep enough for her (she needs at least 2-3 feet to jump around in). I hope where ever you are you are safe and warm.


  1. fab card! Thanks for the little ornament!! if we had a tree up it would be on it but because we were supposed to be going away for Christmas we didn't put one up...... looking at the closed airport I don't think we will be going away....

  2. Ha ha! Great card! Hope you have a lovely Christmas x