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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Its been sometime......

Well its ages since I blogged........I have been busy. Here are some pictures of a stall I had with a friend at a b-b-q- it was a charity do to raise money for a local RNLI station.
Stacey makes the jewellery and I made boxes, hearts and some cards.... we had sweets on the table as a bribe!!!!
A great time was had by all... I'm still recovering. If anyone is interested in purchasing anything, please go to my sidebar for Winging-it-henny re jewellery, anything else, please contact me...
We have a show in July so I must get on with creating stuff. Ciao

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  1. Hello Olive! You have been busy as many of us seems to be in summer time! Your table looks inviting - I hope you had good selling!
    I try to find some time for sewing therapy in the evenings. Days are passing with watering, cleaning, cleaning and watering.
    Best wishes! xxx Teje